Emmy Awards 2009: Live Blog

9:56: Daily Show wins and writer is speechless and claims he has been since H.W. left office. That's a pretty good speech. I like them short and to the point.

9:59 - Dear Sony Reader, who do you think you are? Kindle?

10:02 - Jimmy Fallon is the next presenter, and he's got an AutoTune mic and is running around on the stage and falling and then moaning in pain. Steve Carell and Glenn Close find this totally hysterical. I'm not sure I do.

10:03 - The Academy Awards beat out SNL's "Motherlover," FOTC's "Carol Brown" and the Muppets and Stephen Colbert Christmas specials. Do the Emmys people have no sense of humor and/or Christmas spirit?

10:06 - At least the Oscar guys have the good sense to know that they are nerds and not as sexy as the FOTC guys or Justin Timberlake.

10:07 - Ricky! He's looking very dapper, but having mic troubles. He wins me over by picking on the usual horribleness of the Emmys and the lack of good looking men in the audience. God, he's so funny. I still think The Invention of Lying is terrible.

10:08 - Ricky Gervais jokes about his executive producer role, and the lack of viewers for this telecast. I agree, I'm ninety percent sure that the only people watching are probably those stuck watching/blogging for work.

10:09 - Color commentator says this is The Daily Show's 900th Emmy. That sounds about right.

10:10 - As usual, Jon Stewart is humble and delivers a short, humorous speech about not much at all.

10:16 - Time for the stage to change to drama. Ooh, heart rate monitor and intense music as the lights change to yet another shade of blue. Fancy and unnecessary. Oh, lots of staring in the montage, and guns and shooting and whatnot. It's mostly cops and doctors and a few vampires, for good measure.

10:19 - LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell come out, did you know they only have one C and two L's in their name? NPH did. The duo present supporting actor in a drama, and Chris O'Donnell fails to make a funny joke about NCIS.

10:20 - Ben Linus! Awesome. He takes it very seriously and doesn't make a Kanye joke. Instead he impresses with some Hawaiian. Cool.

10:22 - Cherry Jones won for 24? What? Just because she's president doesn't mean she was great. There were far better people on that show this season, and they go by the name Annie Werschling.

10:23 - She loves her co-stars and promises that the Emmy will be on the craft service table tomorrow. That's actually kind of cool.

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