Emmy Awards 2009: Live Blog

10:54 - He jokes that if Weeds wins it will take them longer to get up there. That's the first thing in hours that's made me laugh out loud. No worries. 30 Rock wins handily. If Tina kissed Bob, I missed it.

10:55 - Tina's happy that she is killing her staff for another year, and thanks the NBC execs for not canceling their show, even though it isn't a talk show. Nice Leno dig!

10:56 - Cat Deeley says that the breakthrough award goes to... and then shows a clip of True Blood. But its odd that she doesn't actually say the name, and then it goes to a weird bit before they actually have someone else in voiceover congratulating Bill Compton for his award for the moment when he first met Sookie Stackhouse... does whoever wrote this know that those are not real people?

11:00 - Last award. Last award. Last award!

11:01 - Sigourney Weaver is presenting it without any wisecracks or jokes.

11:02 - Unsurprisingly the winner is Mad Men. Matthew Weiner can't believe it. Says its been an incredible year. He says they worked hard to "not have it stink" in the second year. He barely gets out two words and it sounds like they are playing music to get him off. This is the best drama. Couldn't that get more than 30 seconds? Probably not, because then there are mean bloggers out there who will complain that the show needlessly went far past 11.

11:03 - NPH congratulates the winners and says he hopes to see everyone again next year on broadcast television. I hope so too... but only if NPH hosts.

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