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Raiders of the Lost Vault

In the passageway, Krispy Krem tells Quantum that his cousin Felix "manages" all of Krispy Krem's "financial transactions" and determines what share of the spoils he gets -- the smallest -- a service for which he charges Krispy Krem. Quantum acts surprised that Krispy Krem doesn't get the largest share and that his own flesh and blood makes him pay. "I don't have the lobes for business," Krispy Krem explains, and also quotes the Rules, saying, "'Never allow family to stand in the way of profit.'" He tells Quantum that Felix is going to help him acquire his own vessel. Around this point, Quantum spots Trip hiding and fakes a cough. He asks Krispy Krem to get him some water and food from the Mess Hall. Krispy Krem handcuffs Quantum to the bulkhead and toddles off. Trip darts over to Quantum and tries to unlock him. He tells Quantum that they are the only ones awake and there's nothing left in Sick Bay to wake the others up. "I'm not surprised, these aliens are taking everything they can get their hands on," Quantum tells him, which prompts Trip to ask who they are, but Quantum doesn't know. Trip can't unlock him, so Quantum asks if Trip can get his hands on a phase pistol. "They cleaned out the armory," Trip tells him. "There are fourteen weapons lockers on this ship, they can't have emptied every one of them," Quantum says. Trip says he's already checked all of them. "Then I've got an idea," Quantum says. "But you're going to need some help to pull it off. They used a hypospray to wake me up. It's in Launch Bay Two." Trip scampers off. Krispy Krem returns with food. "This is pretty good!" he says, his mouth full of Quantum's sandwich. "Glad you're enjoying it," Quantum says dryly. "Maybe we should bring your cook with us," Krispy Krem natters on obliviously, and starts to take another bite. "Do you mind?" Quantum asks. Heh. "Oh!" Krispy Krispy Krem says, handing over the food and the glass of water. Then he starts fumbling in his pockets for the handcuffs key.

Trip enters the launch bay and quickly locates the hypospray Quantum mentioned. He zaps T'Pol first. I'd like to think this is a long-overdue nod to T'Pol's expertise rather than his desire to show her his quads, which could stand to have a little Bain de Soleil slicked on them. As T'Pol starts to come around, Trip scuttles over to zap Hoshi. "Commander?" T'Pol says. Trip looks at her and tells her she's going to be fine. T'Pol doesn't say anything as Trip hovers over Hoshi, but she directs a rather pointed look at Trip's Tick Underoos. Trip catches the look, looks down at his pale legs, and sighs, "Jest becuz a guy's in his underwear, you assume the wurst." T'Pol says she assumes there's an explanation. Trip expositions that the doctor made him go through DeCon after his lunar survey. "And when I was in DeCon, somethin' knocked out the entire crew. Aliens are in control of the ship." T'Pol muses a split-second before saying, "That artifact you brought back from the lunar surface -- it must have been placed there intentionally. When I opened it, the canister released some kind of gas."

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