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Raiders of the Lost Vault

The door to the shuttle bay slides open. T'Pol plays possum, and Trip hides too as Krispy Krem and Quantum the Lackey walk in. Krispy Krem heads straight for T'Pol and notes aloud that she's different from the other females. He asks what species she is, and Quantum tells him. Krispy Krem kneels before T'Pol and repeats, "Vulcan." "They're really not all that interesting once you get to know them," Quantum says, moving more stolen cargo. Krispy Krem says he'd like to get to know "this one," while Trip watches from his hiding place. "Maybe I won't sell her," Krispy Krem says, stripping off his glove and reaching for her ear, "not right away." Quantum says, "Trust me, she's got no sense of humor. She's always complaining." Krispy Krem's not listening as he moves T'Pol's face -- whose head is in a totally different position from the last scene -- in order to get at her ears. He gurgles with pleasure. "Krem!" Quantum says, bringing the Ferengi out of his trance. He jerks his head at the cargo that needs moving. Quantum and Krispy Krem leave. You know, I'm actually willing to admit that Quantum looks pretty good here. I think it's the black J.Crew shirt. The color makes him look edgier, kind of like Angel. When Angel actually was edgy. Can you imagine him as Captain of the Enterprise? At least we'd have a change from doofish pomposity to doofishness tempered with dark bouts of brooding. T'Pol opens her eyes and makes a disgusted face, while touching her ear gingerly. "You okay?" Trip asks, coming out of hiding. "There are times I wish Vulcans hadn't learned to repress their violent tendencies," T'Pol tells him. Snerk -- I can't believe I really like her in this episode! Trip says, "Come on, we got work to do." T'Pol asks about the others. Trip tells her the hypospray is out of juice -- which explains why Hoshi never came around -- and runs out of the shuttle bay. T'Pol follows.

In some random crewman's quarters, Trip steals boots and a jumpsuit and FINALLY covers up those blindingly white thighs of his -- sheesh, it was like ogling uncooked chicken. Trip gives the briefest of glances to the poor dude on the floor and leaves.

Sick Bay. Clint Howard, whose Ferengi name is Muk, examines the SCAT with his scanner and pronounces that there's nothing of worth there. Grish -- the remaining Ferengi who isn't Clint Howard, Jeffrey Coombs, or Ethan Phillips -- tells Muk he's not scanning deep enough. "This is their vault. I saw one just like it on a Gavarian ship," Grish insists. "Why would they keep a vault in the medical bay?" Muk asks. "Rule of Acquisition number twenty-three: 'Nothing is more important than your health, except for your money,'" Felix says. The Ferengi giggle. Muk says he doesn't see any locking mechanism, his tone implying that he still doesn't believe there could be anything of worth there. Grish announced there must be a magnetic field that he can blast with micro-charges. "Hold on," Felix orders, striding forward. He pushes a button and the SCAT opens. Grish tries to go in, but the medical bed slides out. Grish stumbles backward, fumbling for his weapon. He takes aim at the menacing bed and gargles, "STOP!" The bed, cowed, stops. Felix looks inside while Muk whines, "This is a waste of time! We've only got three hours before they being to wake. It'll take days to search every hatch." Felix tells him to be patient, and asks him to open some other things.

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