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Raiders of the Lost Vault

Just as Felix says, "It's worth a look," T'Pol gives her e-pad a final tap, and a loud alarm goes off. The Ferengi run around, holding their lobes, until they locate the source of the noise. While they're distracted by this, T'Pol slips into the Situation Room and snatches three scanners from Muk's pile. "Make it stop!" Grish complains. Muk takes aim at a panel and fires his phaser a few times. The noise stops. "Let's get to their captain's quarters," Felix says and Grish follows him out. Muk gives the now-silent panel a severe look and fires at it one more time for good measure. The panel sparks, and Muk gives it a triumphant snort before going to collect his goods. He immediately notices that the three scanners T'Pol took are missing. "I left them right here," he shrieks. "You should be more careful with your acquisitions," Felix snots. Muk orders Felix to open his bag, but Felix refuses: "Are you calling me a thief?" Oh, the irony that is not there when you feel the need to stamp it with an anvil to ensure its delivery. "Everybody knows you'd steal the wax from your own mother's ears," Muk says. Grish tries to make peace, but T'Pol does something from her station in the corridor which makes a sound emanate from Felix's bag. Muk grabs the bag and upends it, finding two of the missing scanners. Muk and Felix argue about how the scanners got in his bag. "Where's the other one? There were three!" Muk demands. They both turn and look at the innocent Grish. "Get away from me!" Grish says. From the corridor, T'Pol examines the third scanner and listens to the sounds of stuff breaking. Muk shrieks, "You cheating no-good liar!"

Engineering. Krispy Krem gestures at the warp core, "There, that one." Quantum looks at an open panel and comments that he's surprised the Ferengi didn't electrocute themselves. "You can't just yank out an anti-matter injector like it was a light bulb," Quantum tells him. "Would you mind?" Krispy Krem asks. Quantum says he'll have to take the injector assembly offline. Krispy Krem grunts his assent and tells Quantum, "Warp core parts are in high demand." "Even if your cousin does find the vault, what makes you think he's going to share the gold with you?" Quantum asks. Krispy Krem tells him they have a contract, but Quantum points out that he'll never know what his real share is if he doesn't know what's in the vault, and therefore might get cheated. Blah blah blah creating-more-infighting-cakes. Quantum offers to help Krispy Krem capture the other Ferengi, and then they can split the loot fifty-fifty. "I'll even throw in the Vulcan female," Quantum says. Krispy Krem gushes a bit and appears to consider the proposition, but then orders Quantum to keep on with his work. Quantum tells Krispy Krem it's "[his] loss" and goes back to the warp core.

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