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Raiders of the Lost Vault

Shuttle bay. Quantum walks in with Krispy Krem and notes that T'Pol is missing. "What's next?" he asks Krispy Krem, who gestures at something and makes a move in the direction where T'Pol was last lying. Quantum stops him and asks where he expects Quantum to put it, since there's hardly any room left on the Scarab Ship. That's a puzzler for Krispy Krem. Quantum says, "I think it's time you decided what you really want to keep," and leads Krispy Krem away from the T'Pol-less area. Krispy Krem says he'll ask Felix, but Quantum asks why he can't make a simple decision on his own. Quantum assumes the Captain's Stance and says, "If you want to run your own ship someday, maybe you should start showing a little initiative." Krispy Krem says he's not in charge. "And you never will be with that attitude," Quantum tells him as Felix, Muk, and Grish walk in, herding Trip.

"Who's this?" Felix asks Quantum as Trip is shoved to the ground. Quantum says, "My Chief Engineer." Felix wants to know why Trip's awake. "Don't ask me," Quantum says, and Felix asks if anyone else is awake. "I haven't seen anybody," Quantum says, and turns to Krispy Krem: "You?" Grish babbles that the gas wasn't supposed to wear off for another two hours, but maybe they miscalculated the dosage. "There could be others awake," Grish frets. "We should leave." Felix refuses to leave without the gold, but Muk tells him to forget it. "If you want to leave, take one of their shuttlecraft," Felix orders Muk. "I'll be happy to keep your share." "You expect me to go empty-handed?" Muk asks. "You can keep the shuttlecraft," Felix tells him, "and the females." Muk complains that that's not enough. Felix points a phaser at him and says, "It'll have to be!" The other Ferengi wait with baited lobes to see what's going to happen. Muk snarls that Felix will regret this. "Get out," Felix tells him. Muk tells Grish to "help [him] with the wimmin." Trip scrambles to his feet, saying, "Wait! I'll show you the vault." "Trip…" Quantum says warningly. Trip tells the Ferengi to leave the women on the ship and he'll take them to their gold. "Not another word, Commander. That's an order," Quantum says, the mirror image of a stump of wood. "I'm not lettin' them take mah wife!" Trip shouts. This interests the Ferengi. "She's not the one with the pointy ears, is she?" Krispy Krem asks. "No, her name's Hoshi, and yer gonna keep yer filthy hands offa her!" Trip says, shaking his finger at Krispy Krem, who backs away in alarm, his mouth open. Shaka when the walls fell. "Do we have a deal?" Trip asks Felix. Quantum warns Trip not to take the Ferengi anywhere near the vault, threatening to throw him in the brig for insubordination. "Yew don't give a dam about this crew. All you care about is yer precious gold!" Trip shouts. Quantum says, "I'm warning you, Trip--" But Trip interrupts him, "Yer a greedy sonofabitch!" "How much is your wife worth? Five bars of gold, maybe six? Let them take Hoshi and I'll give you ten," Quantum says. "What?!" Trip screeches. "All right, fifteen," Quantum concedes. He really wouldn't have to give him any gold if he were just going to throw him in the brig for insubordination, would he? Trip roars and launches himself at Quantum.

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