Affliction (1)

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Reed Cries When He Spies

Quiznos that isn't. The Klingons are putting the pressure on Phlox, who snarks that he's working as fast as he can: "Maybe you should have abducted Dr. Soong." They tried, but he was guesting on Joey. Not that I watch or anything. More Klingon pressure. The Klingon High Council is dispatching fleets to massacre infected planets. Phlox needs more time. He doesn't have it. The massacring fleet will reach them in a few days. Antaak thinks the High Council won't annihilate them if they can produce some stabilized Klingon Khannabees. Phlox refuses to help them create Klingakhans. Welkom Wagon pulls a gun. Phlox doesn't care, he still refuses. Welkom Wagon orders Phlox taken somewhere. He's taken.

Columbia in hairclip. On the Bridge, Cpt. Happy Pants gets ready to depart. Trip in Engineering gets ready to depart. My brain gets ready to depart. Columbia starts up some distracting strobey lights on her Bridge that might cause seizures as she pulls out of the Giant Hairclip and jumps to warp.

Uh-Ohs drag Little John into the Brig. He coughs his Khan Virus everywhere. "So," Reed says, eager to make friends in prison, "what are you in for?" Little John doesn't really answer, but wants to know if Quantum is expecting to get info out of him. So, now he speaks English? Was that Klingonese in Sickbay just for effect? It was? Can I tell you what I think of it? I can't? Fine. Reed doesn't think that's the case. Little John insists Reed entertain him with his tale of woe. "I lied to him," Reed admits. "You're fortunate to be alive," Little John announces, "a Klingon who betrays his captain would be IMMEDIATELY executed!" And what happens to Klingons who cry when they spy? Reed asks why Little John and his band of Merry Men boarded the ship. When Little John doesn't answer, Reed says they both want the same thing: "A cure." Little John whips around to stare at him. "There's no reason for you or any more of your people to die," Reed adds. The ship shakes.

Bridge. They're having intermixing issues and plasma problems. They have to increase speed to fix it. Quantum orders T'Pol down to Engineering. Quantum hies himself to the Brig of Throat-Grabbing, which hasn't yet made good on its name this episode. Quantum orders Little John to tell him how to fix what they sabotaged. Little John is Silent Bob. Quantum tells him he will die if the reactor goes critical. Little John is ready to die because he is a G.I. Joe. Reed screams, "Captain, you need your tactical officer -- please sir!" Quantum ignores him. "I CAN BE USEFUL!" Reed bawls. Quantum doesn't love him. Reed throws himself on his cot.

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