Affliction (1)

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Reed Cries When He Spies

Engineering. The monitors flicker with Klingon text. T'Pol comms Quantum that the warp matrix has been compromised by a Klingon subroutine. Quantum orders her to do what she can to stop it. Because of more problems, they have to increase speed again. For some reason, they end with Quantum in the turbolift as the ship shakes. It's really quite odd and makes me worry that when he steps out of the turbolift next week he'll be stepping into Daniels's world.

Next week: The promo guy is still really excited about the cancellation. Also, and I can't believe this is actually happening, the Klingons attempt to MAKE QUANTUM'S FURROWS PERMANENT! Is that a shout-out? I can't judge because, well, Hunca Munca started batting at one of my lobes and the whole thing got pulled out again.

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