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The Pirates of the Implants

Quantum broods out his Weight of the World Window (Hello, WOTWW! With all of Quantum's angers this year, he hasn't had much time for you, has he?) as T'Pol talks shop with him. "The search teams have found nearly eighty percent of our anti-matter -- they're looking for the rest," she says. "Probably running through the engine of that Osaarian ship," Quantum gripes. "We've also recovered most of our weapons," T'Pol adds. But the food -- you're still out of food, right? Because I really want them to have to forage for it. Quantum asks about Trip's progress, and T'Pol says they'll have warp back in a half-hour. Quantum orders the away teams sped up, because he wants to get under sail as soon as the drive's back up. Quantum leans closer to the WOTWW. "Quantum, scans indicate it's nearly a thousand years old," T'Pol says, indicating the Bad Breath Star. Okay, so maybe I punctuated that sentence wrong. She probably said, "Quantum scans indicate that it's nearly a thousand years old," but I gotta be honest with you, Jolene's delivery left both me and the Evil Dr. Mathra wondering. "What else?" Quantum demands. T'Pol gives him info about fusion reactors on the Bad Breath Star, three of which are still working. Quantum asks what they were designed for. "The sphere is emitting massive amounts of gravimetric energy. It may have something to do with the spatial anomalies," T'Pol says. Quantum orders more scans. Okay, color me with the confused Crayola. If the sphere has something to do with the spatial anomalies -- and I assume the anomalies we're talking about are the ones in the Expanse -- then why is it being used to store pirate's booty by the Osaarians? I mean, according to Pop, the Osaarians were forced into piracy by the very spatial anomalies that the Bad Breath Star is now responsible for emitting -- yet they are using the thing for storage? I'm having issues with the logic that isn't. And the annoying thing is that it could be good, but it's purposely confusing, and I don't have a whole lot of faith that they will actually explain it in a sense-making way. Or even to remember to explain it at all. Prove me wrong, Bermaga -- I dare you! Hoshi calls Quantum to the Situation Room.

Situation Room. Hoshi points out some gibberish she found when translating the cargo manifest that looks very much like the gibberish on the Psycho Bocce Ball. The shit thickens!

Cue the eyeball-paining hand-held camera. Quantum blusters down to the brig and bellows, "Your ship attacked a Xindi vessel, I want to know everything you can tell me about them!" "Xindi?" Pop repeats, bored. Quantum paces like a caged gazelle. "You heard me!" he shouts. Pop plays dumb. Quantum gets mad and says that the manifest says they took the ship two weeks ago. "What manifest?" Pop asks, still bored. "Tell me what you know!" Quantum shouts. "It was a small ship, they were no match for us," Pop says. Like VH-1, Quantum wants to know where are they now. Pop sniffs derisively. "You destroyed them?" Quantum demands. Pop says that as the Xindi resisted, they had no choice. Quantum asks where they came from. "I have better things to do than to familiarize myself with our victims," Pop drawls. "Which species of Xindi were they -- what did they look like?" Quantum yells. Pop affects not to be able to recall that information to memory. Quantum opens the door and rushes in, gun drawn. He hauls Pop to his feet and puts the gun to his throat: "Are you sure?" Pop isn't worried by Quantum's threats: "I told you -- you're too civilized." "We'll see about that!" Quantum says, and takes him off to overwean his ego. "Sir!" a security guard says. "As you were!" Quantum orders.

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