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The Pirates of the Implants

Situation Room. Quantum walks in to weird '80s CASIO-type music. "Computer," he says, "load the Xindi database." That's not the first time we've seen the computer be voice-activated. In the first episode of the series, Quantum was talking his log into the computer, and he kept saying, "Computer, pause," all dreamily. In an odd reminiscence of Quantum Leap that I can't quite explain, Quantum stands there in the dark and allows all the colors of the database images wash over him. He may not know it, but he's right with the times with his colored light therapy. Let's see -- with the green, Quantum's eye problems and allergies will clear up, and the red will boost his circulation and stimulate his internal organs.

Next week, the crew of the Enterprise devolves, sort of. Actually, it looks really good. Except for the promos ruining the surprise factor.

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