Awakening (2)

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Welcome To Planet Crack Whore

The Vulcans bomb the Geordi. A lot.

T'Pol, T'Pau, Quantum, and SURAK'S FUCKING KATRA run through the caverns. They reach some outer ledge and look down on the fires burning where the Syrrannites caverns once rang with merry -- uh, "logical" songs. More green (it's GREEN!) bombs fire down and do more serious damage.

Vulcan. Dub'ya gets word that the sanctuary has been destroyed, but he wants the desert combed (do you think we're being too literal? No you fool, we're following orders. We were told to comb the desert so we're combing it!) and the survivors killed. "You're presiding over a massacre," Linwood says. "We are eliminating a threat!" Dub'ya says. Do you think he's going to find Linwood's lack of faith disturbing and choke him a little bit?

The Geordi. T'Pau bandages T'Pol's leg and helps her to her feet. I'm still pissed about the lack of accent, especially in the face of these outvolders. They start to move on, but T'Pol hears someone moan. T'Pol calls to Quantum to stop. They paw through the rubble and find T'Ma barely alive. Oh, I'm so not in the mood for a mother-daughter death scene. Especially when one or possibly two of them is a CRACK WHORE! T'Ma gets overemotional and dies. T'Pol gets overemotional and cries. Maybe T'Pol will learn a lesson about what a CRACK OVER DOSE does to you. I should probably mention that T'Ma says something obnoxiously cryptic about how T'Pol will "understand" someday, but I still continue to be so pissed about Daniels's past repeated cryptic smugness that I really don't want to go there. Suffice to say that Something Will Be Revealed, but we have absolutely no clue what that will be. I think it's that the Chuckling Vulcan is her T'Pa. T'Pol makes a mental note to begin divorce proceedings.

Enterprise. Trip tells Soval that their casualties are a few injuries, some of them serious. Soval says he shares his concern for Quantum and T'Pol. Trip responds, "They've been in tough jams before." Raspberry or grape? Soval reveals that the reason why the High Command is going all out against the Syrrannites is that they are peace-loving hippies who would get in the way of their grand plans to make serious war with the Andorians. "Wait, wait, Vulcan and Andoria signed a peace treaty two years ago. Cpt. Quantum helped negotiate it," Trip reminds us. "Vulcan intelligence claims that the Andorians are developing a weapon -- possibly based on Xindi technology," Soval says. Trip thinks Soval doesn't believe the claim. "I suspect Dub'ya is using the claim to advance an agenda. He's persuaded the High Command to launch a preemptive strike." "He's gonna start an interstellar war!" Trip realizes. Not only that, but a year from now he's going to be at a Vulcan correspondents' dinner where he will joke about looking for the nonexistent Andorian-Xindi weapon under his desk. And oh how we will laugh. Especially when we think of the thousands who have died for that nonexistent Andorian-Xindi weapon. Yes, we will laugh. Soval says the war could devastate Andoria and Vulcan and a bunch of other planets, including Earth. Of course. And again. Trip makes a decision.

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