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Welcome To Planet Crack Whore

The Geordi. T'Pol tenderly mops Quantum's furrowed brow. T'Ma enters and inquires after the captain's health. T'Pol reports that Quantum's breathing has stabilized but his fever is still high. T'Ma and T'Pol argue over T'Ma's new religion. T'Pol is doing that childish thing of pretending to be intensely interested in what she's doing so she can pointedly not look at her mother. She tells T'Ma that she shouldn't have come looking for her, and she doesn't want anything more to do with her. "If that's your wish," T'Ma bites out, just as Quantum comes around and asks how long he's been out. T'Pol tells him he's been snoring for about three hours. Quantum rolls over onto his feet and groans, "I feel like I just pulled my head out of a --" Naw, too easy. "-- plasma relay," Quantum finishes. T'Pol encourages him to rest, but SURAK'S FUCKING KATRA makes him see much import in some random arch. Quantum staggers toward it as T'Pau walks in. "The Kir'Shara," he mutters. "What do you know about it?" T'Ma demands. "That it was important to Surak and it's in there," Quantum says, staggering a bit more. T'Pol doesn't even know what the Kir'Shara is. "An artifact, Syrran led us in here to find it," T'Pau says excitedly. But before they do that, they have to eat chilled monkey brains, am I right? "If he knows where it is --" T'Ma begins, but T'Pau says they have to evacuate because they've sighted Vulcan cruisers over The Geordi. T'Ma goes to give the evacuation order. Quantum sits on the ground and says, "I can find it." T'Pau stares at him.

Enterprise has a few potential hits graze them. "How many warning shots do Vulcans usually fire?" Trip wants to know. "None," Soval says after a hysterical second-long pause as if he were trying to figure out what a warning shot is. Although it's a great line, I have to say that it's not in keeping with Vulcan ideology. Wouldn't firing a warning shot be a logical idea, because it might make the opponent reconsider their actions and therefore be more willing to seek a peaceable solution? The no-warning-shots seems more Klingon than Vulcan. Dub'ya calls them to say he's still pissed at them. Trip asks Soval if he thinks Dub'ya will really take them out. "Dub'ya will do anything to accomplish his goal," Soval confirms. Hoshi reacts. Trip ponders.

Vulcan. Linwood crabs that humans have been their allies for a hundred years, but all Dub'ya's worried about are the Syrrannites seeing their ships. Yeah, he's crazy. Dub'ya orders someone to drive Enterprise from orbit using all necessary force. Linwood sighs.

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