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The Khannabees get rid of the Uh-Ohs guarding Dain'ta's cell, and Dawsonella slides the brig door open with the Xena force of her arms. "Persis," Dawsonella tells Dain'ta. "Persis?" Dain'ta marvels. They hug tearfully. Now tell him how you slept with and helped murder your brother. Mullet marches Quantum through the corridors until they reach Dain'ta and the other Khannabees. "Mullet!" Dain'ta breathes. Without another thought, Mullet throws Quantum into a bulkhead. Hee! Mullet and Dain'ta hug while Dawsonella gets moist in the background. Dain'ta tells all his Khannabees how proud he is of them. Quantum jumps up and tries to do something. Dain'ta tells him to save his breath, and instructs Mullet to just leave Quantum and his qrew alone. Mullet protests, but Dain'ta explains that Enterprise is damaged, and by the time Quantum gets it fixed, they'll be long gone. "It's been a pleasure, Captain," Dain'ta smirks, and turns away. He has a thought and turns back again: "Take my advice: go home and start learning Klingon." Mullet glares at Quantum and leaves.

The Klingon ship undocks, and Dain'ta gains the Bridge, where he makes a speech about how all his doubts in himself and his work are gone now that he sees them. "We're going to build a new world but we can't begin that task just yet -- thousands of your brothers and sisters are waiting to be born. Let's go get them."


Next week: Dain'ta reveals his parentage.

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