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And where are we now? The Brig of Boredom, of course. What did I say about this place just two weeks ago? Ugh. Quantum paces outside and accuses Dain'ta of specifically leading them to the Orions and putting his people in certain danger just so he could escape. Teaches you never to trust a convict, doesn't it, Quantum? Dain'ta sighs that no one got hurt. "Nine of my crew were nearly sold into slavery and two of them might have permanent damage!" Quantum bellows. Which two would those be? The ones with the sensitive skin? Dain'ta duhs this, but admits that it wasn't an easy thing for him to do, since he respects Quantum. "Then tell me how to find the Khannabees," Quantum orders. Dain'ta closes his mouth tight. Quantum announces, "You know where they're going." "They didn't steal a Klingon ship to go sight-seeing," Dain'ta snarks. Well, that shoots my theory to hell. Quantum says the Khannabees are dangerous. "They're the future," Dain'ta corrects him. "They're stronger, smarter, free from sickness with life-spans twice as long as our own." Note that he doesn't say anything about how they look? I think that's very telling. Dain'ta thought that Quantum of all people would be behind these types of genetic mutants. Quantum's confused. "Your father? Suffered from Clark's Disease. His final years were marked with extreme pain," Dain'ta expositions. Great. More father issues on Star Trek. Quantum blusters that his father has nothing to do with this. Dain'ta delivers a little PSA for stem cell research as he says that people who oppose his research condemned Quantum's father to death. Quantum ignores Dain'ta's pleas to turn the ship around and leave the Khannabees alone, and says he's going to find them whether Dain'ta helps or not.

Trip visits Sickbay where all the Orioned Red-Stripes are sprawled out on various beds. T'Pol is sitting up and doing some work. Man, girlfriend is gaunt, wrinkled, and looking rough. A-ha! I've finally figured out why she's being kept in a non-standard issue uniform: Ber-man-ga (yes, as the man is supposedly man now in charge, I am going to hold Coto responsible for this, and he will not gain my respect until he actually does something about it) are so terrified that when ANTM airs its promos during this show, Jolene might look fat by comparison. It's a good plan, really, because looking haggard, bony, and dried out is so much better than looking healthy, normal, and glowing. Trip checks to make sure she's okay and is about to walk away when T'Pol says, "Vulcans don't have honeymoons. After the ceremony I went to Mt. Selaya to meditate -- [she clears her throat] -- alone." Trip leans in and whispers regretfully, "It's none of my business anyway." I can't help it, that's an "aw." I really like how Trip's matured since his P'Jem smashing days. He's the only character to show real growth, and no, I don't consider being a CRACK WHORE growth. T'Pol bugs her eyes at him right before the console behind them explodes. The ship is under attack. Again. It's the Orions, and they want their slaves back. On the Bridge, Quantum tells them how much that isn't going to happen. There's more firing, and in an unintentionally (I assume) hysterical (to me) moment, Quantum face-plants on the Bridge as Reed announces the approach of another ship. It's a Klingon Bird of Prey. Quantum pulls out the Furrow of Ah I Know What This is All About as Hoshi says the Klingons are requesting permission to dock.

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