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In Quantum's Ready Room, Mullet babbles that he knows Dain'ta is on the ship because they received his signal. Quantum explains to Reed that's what Dain'ta was doing after he cow-prodded Quantum at the SPC. Reminding Quantum about the ass-saving they just did for them, Mullet demands to speak with his father. Quantum points out their asses wouldn't need saving if they hadn't come out looking for the Khannabees. Quantum and Mullet have a good vs. evil genetics argument, which the FDA just approved as a cure for insomnia. Mullet doesn't give two shits about the fact that the Klingons are going to declare war on the humans. "We don't care about you," Mullet says, and then, to prove he's got the superior intellect, he quotes Nietzsche. Reed sneers, because he's also got the pocket edition of 101 Famous Quotes to Stun, Slay, and Sicken Your Enemies. Quantum snorts, and Mullet whispers, "I'm...about...to...attack...you." The Uh-Ohs and Reed go for their guns as Mullet grabs Quantum around the neck. "See? Even with warning you're not fast enough," Mullet laughs. God, he's lizard-like with the spaced-apart eyes and the flat nose and the wide mouth and nonexistent lips! Mullet wraps another hand around Quantum's neck like he's prepping for a Buffy-esque twist-snap. "Let him go!" Reed orders. "We have five times your strength, double your intelligence!" Mullet blathers. He sort of looks like the demonic Meatloaf in that video "I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)." "LET him GO!" Reed shouts. Why doesn't he just shoot Mullet in the face? I mean, I know Reed's not the best shot but I'd think he could manage at this range. Mullet screams back, "I'LL TEAR OUT HIS THROAT!" Okay, so, what's faster here? Mullet's ability to rip out Quantum's neck or, I don't know, THE SPEED OF LIGHT?! I mean, is Mullet trying to say that his hands rip at warp speed? Because I don't think all the genetic engineering in the world could achieve that. Reed doesn't move. Mullet bares his ugly teeth and readjusts his grip on Quantum's neck: "Now." Reed signals, and the Uh-Ohs lower their weapons. Wimps. Without letting go of Quantum's neck, Mullet comms Dawsonella. He calls her "Persis," and I guess that's a shout-out to TMP, but I find it a bit bizarre and incongruous. Anyway, Dawsonella confirms she's broken the security codes. We see her open the airlock. The stationed Uh-Ohs fire, but the pack of ugly Khannabees storm right through, letting the phaser fire slide off of their ugly genetically engineered skin. The Khannabees fire back and dispatch the Uh-Ohs rather quickly.

Mullet drags Quantum by the neck through the Bridge and into the turbolift screaming, rather needlessly in my opinion, "I'll kill him!"

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