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Girls Gone Green

Lime denies having anything to do with Kelpy's sabotage. "It seems the only delusion here is your own," Chartreuse pouts, twirling her hair. "DAMMIT!" Quantum bellows, smashing his fist against the bulkhead. "It's time to start telling me the truth!" Chartreuse pouts calmly that she's worried about him: "You don't seem well." No -- it's okay, he always acts like this. What? Oh, you're going to tell me Quantum doesn't routinely put people in holding cells and then loudly proceed to lose his shit? I didn't think so. Quantum says it's their own green skin they should be worried about. "I can see you're not very experienced at making threats," Chartreuse says, wriggling over to the glass wall. He's not? He certainly practices it a whole helluva lot. "I'm a lot better at carrying them out," Quantum pants. Oh, you are so NOT! You never throw people out of airlocks when you say you will! In fact, you are the captain who cried "airlock." Chartreuse pouts that she and her sisters were nothing more than gifts, and a "true commander" would know how to appreciate such a gift. Yeah, and he wouldn't throw away the wrapping paper either! I don't even know what I mean by that. Quantum leans into the glass and whispers for her to tell him when Shrek is coming to attack them. Chartreuse leans in and whispers back that no one is coming to attack them. "Please...release us," Chartreuse whispers, staring at Quantum's lip. She walks sideways along the glass wall. Quantum parallels her movements. She looks down at the control panel. Quantum raises a finger to the control panel. "Captain," T'Pol states. Quantum looks up and over at T'Pol, who is giving him an "Are you kidding me with this shit?" look. He immediately recalls himself and snatches his hand back. "I'm obviously not the only woman with power over you," Chartreuse comments. Quantum slinks out. T'Pol follows, giving Chartreuse a long look as she walks. Chartreuse cocks the Bitch Eyebrow at her. T'Pol rolls her eyes and looks away. It was a nice moment. Chartreuse pets her own hair and stares at the Uh-Ohs guarding them. They have MALE Uh-Ohs guarding them? Why are they stupid? Please, I want to know. I want to understand. There has to be a reason, right? I mean, it's not that the writers really want us to totally lose all respect for every person on this ship, is it? IS IT? Oooh, maybe it is. Maybe it's their revenge. "If the Bermaga can't respect this show, NO ONE WILL!"

In the corridors, T'Pol and Quantum argue about where she's needed. Quantum wants her helping Trip in Engineering, but T'Pol thinks she should be on the Bridge. "I don't need you looking after me," Quantum snarls. Given that you're the one who brought the Orions aboard in the first place, and that you almost just let them out of Decon, I'd say, yeah, you do need her to look after you. Freak. Quantum says she has her orders.

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