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Bridge. Quantum asks how things went with the Klingons, and Trip reports that they're limping back to Kronos with a disabled nacelle. Quantum asks after T'Pol. "She's in Decon with Dr. Phlox," Trip says. "What happened?" Quantum asks. Trip and Reed exchange looks -- what did I say about Reed's big gossipy mouth? -- and say it's a long story. Hoshi fields a call from Boba Nyet. "I see you made it back safely," Boba Nyet says. "Do you think the Klingons know you gave me that lockpick?" Quantum asks. "I don't see why they would," Boba Nyet says. Well, if they're monitoring your calls, they will. Quantum asks what Boba Nyet will do with his reward. "I'm not sure -- if you know of an old freighter for sale..." Boba Nyet hints. Quantum promises to keep his eyes open. And then furtively transmits over the coordinates of May-XY's family's ship. Boba Nyet tells Quantum to be careful: "It's likely the Klingons will double their bounty." Quantum hopes Boba Nyet won't be the one to collect it. Why not? He's assured another escape, and Boba Nyet would get paid again. They could peddle their act all over the quadrants. "No promises," Boba Nyet says, and hangs up. Quantum chuckles.

Next week: Something devastating happens. I go on summer break, and nothing will ever be the same.

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