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Bridge. Reed thinks he's picked up the Tellarite warp signature. They set a course.

Boba Nyet's Ship. Boba Nyet gets some Klingon on the phone and tells him he's bringing the fugitive to Kronos as they agreed. The Klingon doesn't want Quantum brought to Kronos. Instead, he transmits some coordinates and tells Boba Nyet to be there in two days. Boba Nyet makes sure he will get the "full payment." "You'll get what was promised," the Klingon says. "Pleasure doing business with you, Captain," Boba Nyet says, and hangs up. "As always." Hee. Sarcastic Tellarites. Quantum wants to know how much they're paying him. Boba Nyet just looks at him. Quantum fishes for more information. Boba Nyet just looks at him. "You don't even know what I'm accused of," Quantum sniffs. Do I detect the smell of burning martyr? "You're right -- and I don't care to," Boba Nyet says. Bwah! Put that on your pyre and light it, Capt. Poltroon.

I want to see Bruce Almighty just to see Steven Carell.

Enterprise Bridge. It turns out that the warp signature they were following was just a decoy beacon. They have to start all over. But first, because the beacon is screwing with their sensors, Reed gets to blow it up. And he does so with vim and vigor!

Boba Nyet's Ship. Quantum tries to bribe Boba Nyet, promising that Starfleet will double whatever the Klingons are offering him. He's certainly got a healthy view of his own worth. Methinks Admiral Forrest, in his newfound evilness, would just leave him twisting in the wind. Boba Nyet says he doesn't take bribes from criminals. I throw the die of Quantum's Emotions. The die rolls past "noble," "holier-than-thou," and "just plain furrowed" before landing on "self-righteous." What are the odds? Though I think that die is weighted. Quantum protests his innocence and defends his actions by Samaritanizing that his only crime was helping some refugees. "Oh, well, that was very noble of you," Boba Nyet snarks. "You'll think twice about doing that again." Heh. Anyone who busts Quantum's furrows is a blue-cheese-stuffed olive in my dirty martini. Quantum whimpers that he won't get the chance, given that his sentence on Rura Penthe is for life. He adds that now he'll probably be executed. You should have thought of that before you broke out of prison, witling. Boba Nyet uncomfortably tells Quantum that it's none of his concern. Quantum continues to hammer at Boba Nyet's conscience and says he doesn't have to turn him in. Boba Nyet points out, "Goroth already knows you're aboard. If I don't deliver you, he'll offer an award for both of us! I've learned never to cross a Klingon." Quantum tries to manipulate Boba Nyet some more by implying that he's the Klingons' bitch. "If you knew how much they were paying me you'd understand. This has nothing to do with you. I'm sure you're not a bad person. Just an unlucky one," Boba Nyet says.

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