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Decon. T'Pol meditates. Phlox sticks a scanner in her face and notes that she has a fever and elevated dopamine levels. "I can't concentrate under these conditions!" T'Pol starts to freak. Phlox says he doesn't mean to be intrusive. T'Pol jumps up and announces that the captain has been abducted: "He may even be dead! My place is on the Bridge." T'Pol opens the Decon door to the Decon Antechamber. Phlox beats her to the outer door and locks it, demanding to know where she thinks she's going. T'Pol orders him to open the door, but Phlox tells her she'll spread the infection. "I'll go to my quarters!" T'Pol shouts. "If I seal off the ventilation system it should minimize the risk of exposing anyone." Phlox points out that she will contaminate everyone between Decon and her quarters. Not to mention boink them. T'Pol keeps ordering Phlox to unlock the door, and threatens to have him court-martialed. Phlox isn't moved by these threats. T'Pol slams her fist on the door and screams, "Open it!" Phlox just stares at her. T'Pol flips her head, gyrates her hips, and says, "I apologize. I'm having trouble suppressing my emotions." I apologize -- I'm having trouble suppressing my nausea. Since they won't know for another few hours if the Dippity-Do is working, Phlox suggests that a sedative might do the trick. Can I get one of those to go? T'Pol goes back to the Decon chamber.

Boba Nyet's Ship. Boba Nyet argues with another Tellarite, "The Klingons are paying nine thousand darseks, that's more than enough to get Tezra back!" The other Tellarite tells the bounty hunter that he appears to be wide awake and dreaming, but Boba Nyet insists that he's got a good thing going on, since he's actually got Quantum behind the fancy fluorescent lights. The other Tellarite is muy skeptismo and hangs up on Boba Nyet. At Quantum's nosing, Boba Nyet tells him that Tezra's a ship, not a person. "You're going to use the reward to buy your ship back?" Quantum manages to figure out all by himself. Boba Nyet tells him to shut up, because the Klingons will pay him the same amount whether Quantum is dead or alive. Boba Nyet announces that a ship is approaching, but Quantum shouldn't pack his bags just yet, as it is most certainly not Enterprise. Some weird little alien threatens Boba Nyet across a viewscreen, because he also wants to collect the price on Quantum's furrow. Boba Nyet tells the weird little alien to back off, and then hangs up on him before telling Quantum to grab hold of something. The weird little alien fires at Boba Nyet's ship. Boba Nyet has technical difficulties. Quantum offers his services, if Boba Nyet will let him out. Finally, Boba Nyet sighs and brandishes a weapon, saying, "If you try to escape..." He removes the fluorescent forcefield, and Quantum takes the helm. Determining that they can't outrun the weird little alien, Quantum says he's taking them into an L-Class planet, since the weird little alien can't maneuver through the atmosphere as well as they can. They experience more problems, and lose their aft cannons. Quantum tells Boba Nyet to launch one of his tricky beacons, because the weird little alien is flying on sensors and will have a one in three chance of hitting the ship if there are lots of tricky beacons bouncing about. In the cloudy atmosphere, Quantum allows the weird little alien's ship to get ahead of them before he fires on it, knocking out the engine and forcing him to make an emergency landing. Then Boba Nyet's ship has problems. "The warp drive's offline. I'm never going to make the rendezvous," Boba Nyet complains. "Isn't that a shame?" Quantum snarks. "The reactor also powers life support," Boba Nyet informs him. Isn't that a shame. They have to land on the planet in order to fix the warp drive. Quantum promises to set them down far away from the weird little alien.

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