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Decon. T'Pol mutters in Vulcan. Phlox asks her how she's doing, and T'Pol pleads to be let out because she's really hot under the collar. "If I lower the temperature, the serum will start to congeal," Phlox explains. "I don't want your serum, open the door!" T'Pol screams, rolling across the floor. Phlox assures her that she will feel better in a few moments, and advances on her with a hypospray in hand. T'Pol claws out at him like a cat. Or a chick in a fight. Phlox steps back and tries to reason with T'Pol about taking her medicine. T'Pol grunts and flails at him. Phlox appears to give up, and tells her she's free to go. He opens the doors to the antechamber and gives her the code to unlock the doors. T'Pol doesn't move. "Denobulan medical ethics prevents me from treating patients against their will!" Phlox says. T'Pol scuttles to the antechamber, and Phlox follows. As she fiddles with the lock, Phlox sneaks up on her. T'Pol turns around and smacks him. Phlox falls to the floor and appears to be unconscious. T'Pol keeps trying to open the door, but Phlox gave her an incorrect code. In a rage, she pulls off the panel, which explodes a bit. "Starfleet really should stop putting sparklers behind access panels," Mathra observes. T'Pol pries the door open just as Phlox comes around. T'Pol escapes, and Phlox comms Trip to tell him to evacuate D-Deck.

In EV suits, Reed and a security team track T'Pol down. "The doctor says she's irrational, so use caution," Reed orders. T'Pol comes out of hiding and calls out to Reed in pathetic tones. She even calls him "Malcolm." "I need your assistance," T'Pol says, dragging her half-naked body to him. Reed tells her they've been very worried about her, and they need to get her back to Phlox. T'Pol says she can't go back to the doctor: "He's refusing to treat me." At this point, she has latched onto Reed like a limpet and has her face pressed near to his helmet screen. "How long has it been?" T'Pol asks him. "I beg your pardon?" Reed says, confused. "Since you've mated?" T'Pol asks. Although I am slightly amused to note that closed-captioning thinks she said "made it," which works as well. Reed doesn't say anything as T'Pol breathes heavily and tells him she's seen the way he looks at her on the Bridge. Reed suggests that they discuss the matter in Decon. "My quarters would be more comfortable," T'Pol pants. Reed musters all his willpower to push her away and says, "Doctor Phlox was very insistent." Reed reaches for his phaser, but T'Pol shoves him against the wall. He falls down and has a difficult time getting up again. T'Pol runs off, rubbing herself. Her arm, she was rubbing her arm! Soon, she finds herself cornered by the security team. She dances in a circle as if she has to pee, and Reed orders T'Pol to come with him. I think that's exactly what she wanted to do. T'Pol yells something in Vulcan and starts to charge Reed, who phaser-stuns her.

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