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Boba Nyet's Ship. Boba Nyet hands Quantum over to the Klingons, but gets three thousand darseks less than was agreed upon. Boba Nyet looks at his money sadly. "That's blood money, Boba Nyet," Quantum says, playing a part. "Hope you enjoy it." The Klingon ship takes off with Quantum.

Bridge. Hoshi gets a hail from Boba Nyet's ship.

Klingon ship. Quantum paces in his cell. After awhile, he sits down and opens his handcuffs (the Swatch guards are back!) using something in his mouth. He plays with the cuffs some more and pulls something out of them, which he uses to open his cell door. A Klingon comes to investigate the alarm, but Quantum manages to beat him up.

Enterprise Bridge. Reed announces that he's got "them."

Klingon ship. Quantum fights off three more Klingons with a Klingon weapon before putting himself into an escape pod or beacon thing and ejecting himself from the ship. The Klingons don't think he'll get far, and one of them orders that they drop out of warp. "Can I charge weapons?" another Klingon pleads. Heh. "No, I want him alive," the Klingon captain says.

Enterprise Bridge. May-XY says he's located Quantum, and Reed notes that the Klingons are closing in on his location. The Klingon ship puts a tractor beam on Quantum's escape thingy. Enterprise sails in and fires at them. The tractor beam releases Quantum. Reed announces that the Klingons are charging weapons. As they're fired upon, Trip orders to return fire and deploy the grappler. There's some more firing back and forth as non-tension non-builds. Enterprise yanks Quantum's pod out of space and drags it with them. Enterprise fires a few more times at the Klingon ship, and Reed smugly reports that the Klingon weapons are down. May-XY confirms that the pod is in the launchbay, and Trip orders them the hell out of there.

Decon. T'Pol sleeps on a big light source on the floor of Decon. One would think that if she was so hot, she wouldn't have chosen that exact space to kip out on. Phlox walks in and hyposprays her to consciousness. "You'll be happy to know that the microbe has been eliminated from your system. Your premature mating cycle has ended," he tells her. T'Pol gets up with difficulty and asks if she did anything "inappropriate." So, pon farr gives you amnesia as well? Spock remembered killing Kirk just fine, so what's this all about, then? Phlox jokes that he's had patients treat him far worse. "Did we?" T'Pol asks. "Oh, Denobulan males aren't comfortable discussing such topics," Phlox says. So, he's letting her think they did it? That's not nice. T'Pol says she'd appreciate it if he doesn't tell anyone about what happened. "I'd never violate a patient's privacy," Phlox says. Reed, on the other hand, has a big mouth, and I'm sure he'll be telling the whole ship that T'Pol asked him when the last time was that he "made it." Phlox helps T'Pol to her feet.

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