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Yesterday's Enterprise

Somewhere near the geothermal shafts on level nineteen, Hoshi Sato asks her Captain, "Isn't an enclave supposed to have people?" "'Enclave' can mean a lot of things," Cpt. Quantum tells her, furrowing his brow and looking around. "T'Pol said something about 'live food' -- I don't see any restaurants," Hoshi says. There's some Klingon muttering ahead and Cpt. Quantum calls out, "Hello? Excuse me!" Okay, they just had First Contact with the Klingons, and Cpt. Quantum's yelling out to them in English? Luckily, Hoshi yells out a translation, but to no avail. "They looked Klingon to me," Hoshi says. Cpt. Quantum looks around furtively and flips open his communicator: "Archer to T'Pol." Static. "Archer to T'Pol," he says again while Hoshi looks worried. "Maybe we should get back to where there's more people," she suggests. "There are plenty of people right here," Cpt. Quantum says ominously. You know, that's exactly the type of person you don't want to be with on an Away Mission. Someone who speaks obliquely about the situation, and when he's not being oblique, he's being enigmatic. It's really unhelpful and downright annoying. "Stay behind me," Cpt. Quantum says, pulling out a phaser gun and priming it.

Suddenly, three robed Sulibans attack the duo and grab Hoshi, who struggles and squeals. There's a bit of a tussle, and the two Starfleet officers are hauled through the geothermic mist. Hoshi is thrust into a force-field-protected cavern with T'Pol and Trip. I thought Vulcans were supposed to possess super-strength -- how did they drag T'Pol down there? The Sulibans keep Cpt. Quantum on their side of the force-field and then drag him off down a corridor. They leave him in some mysterious area, and a feminine voice says, "You're looking for Klaang. Why?" Cpt. Quantum spins around and asks, "Who the hell are you?" A bald, robed woman comes out of the shadows and says, "My name is Sarin. Tell me about the people who took Klaang off your ship." The Captain tells her he was hoping she could help him out, since they looked a lot like his captors who brought him to her. Well, that's pretty species-ist -- all Sulibans look alike? "Where were they taking him?" Sarin asks. "Why don't you look like your friends?" Cpt. Quantum asks. "Would you prefer that I did?" Sarin asks, continuing the tiresome game of cat and mouse. Cpt. Quantum tells her he'd prefer it if she turned Klaang over to him. "So you can take him where?" Sarin asks, circling him like a shark. "Home," Cpt. Quantum tells her. "We were just taking him home. You better be careful, I'm a lot bigger than you." Somehow I don't think that's going to work with her. Sarin tells him she'd advise against him harming her, and strokes his face. "What are you doin'?" Cpt. Quantum asks, nonplussed. "Why were you taking Klaang home?" Sarin asks, continuing to stroke his face. "You know, under different circumstances I might be flattered by this, but --" and his sentence is cut off by Sarin's tongue in his mouth. She backs away and mottle-morphs into a Suliban. "That's never happened before," Cpt. Quantum says nervously. Oh, all right: heh. There, you happy?

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