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Yesterday's Enterprise

Sarin the Suliban lowers her hood and says, "I've been given the ability to measure trust and it requires close contact." Yeah, right -- that's how I tricked Mathra into kissing me. I wanted to measure his "trust." "You're Suliban," Cpt Quantum says, stating the rather obvious. Sarin tells him she was a member of the "Cabal," but she isn't any longer, because her people have lost their perspective (and their skin tone, evidently) in their quest to evolve quickly. Cpt. Quantum asks her what's next, since she now knows he's telling her the truth. "Klaang was carrying a message to his people," Sarin tells him. Cpt. Quantum asks how she knows that. "Because I gave it to him," she says. Sarin explains that some of the Sulibans have been posing as Klingons and attacking other Klingons to make it look like there's in-fighting among the race. Apparently, Klaang was carrying proof of this Suliban interference to his people on Kronos. "Without that proof, the Empire could be thrown into chaos," Sarin tells him. Cpt. Quantum asks why the Suliban are involved at all. She tells him the Cabal is taking orders "from the distant future" because they are fighting "a temporal cold war." How convenient is that for visitors from any and all of the previous series? Cpt. Quantum is flummoxed by all this "temporal" and "distant future" talk. Sarin tells him she can help him find Klaang, but she and her cohorts need a starship. "You'll have to take us with you," she finishes, just as a phaser is fired near them. They run. There's a lot of crossfire, and it's confusing as to who's doing what, but Sarin kills a Suliban and then runs over and releases T'Pol, Hoshi, and Trip. The five of them run in the direction of the shuttlepod, but Sarin takes a few hits. Cpt. Quantum rushes to her side, and her last words are "Find Klaang." Not that this is very helpful, since she was the one taking them to Klaang in the first place.

The four crewmembers shoot up in some ultra-quick elevator contraption and find themselves outside on a docking bay. Hoshi shouts, "Where's the pod?" into the wind. T'Pol directs one way and Trip directs the other. Cpt. Quantum decides they should follow T'Pol and tries to get through to Reed and Mayweather on his communicator. The transmissions break up, and neither can hear where the other is. More firing from the Suliban, as T'Pol spies the pod through the driving snow and makes her way over to it. Reed peers out a window and comments that he's never seen lightning during a snowstorm before. Mayweather fiddles with a few laptops and says there's too much interference from the storm for him to "isolate human bio-signs." Reed suggests he scan for Vulcan bio-signs. There's a knocking at the window, and Mayweather cries out, "I found her!" Another ship -- which doesn't seem to belong to anyone, because the Suliban and T'Pol are confused by it -- flies overhead, and its jet-wash knocks T'Pol away from the pod, her phaser gun out of reach. Cpt. Quantum orders Trip to "get Hoshi to the ship!" because she's a woman and can't get herself to the ship, I guess. Trip and Hoshi get to the pod under cover of their Captain's phaser fire. Cpt. Quantum reaches T'Pol, who's coughing in the fake snow. "Go!" he orders, firing with two guns. T'Pol resists, saying, "The Enterprise needs her captain -- give me the weapons!" "I said, go!" Cpt. Quantum shouts, and T'Pol goes. Firing alternately with both guns, Cpt. Quantum runs backwards to the pod and gets shot in the thigh just as he reaches the pod's open hatch-door. Reed and Trip come out firing and drag him inside. Mayweather reports that their thruster on the starboard side is down. "Ignore it," T'Pol orders. "Take us up!" The pod takes off, leaving two Suliban in its wake. They watch it go, disappointed. "We need instructions," one says, sighing. This makes me laugh for some reason.

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