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Yesterday's Enterprise

The Suliban is talking to the Shower Shadow again, who asks him if Sarin "gave [the humans] anything." The Suliban says he doesn't know. "What do you know?" Shower Shadow asks. "They followed us here," the Suliban answers. "Looking for Klaang or for you?" Shower Shadow asks. "I don't know, but I will destroy them before they locate the Helix," the Suliban assures him. "We didn't plan on involving the humans or the Vulcans -- not yet. Sarin's message cannot reach Kronos," Shower Shadow says. "If the humans have it, you must stop them." The Suliban nods, and a light trail follows his movements.

Enterprise enters an orange-ish atmosphere, and Hoshi reports, "Sensor resolution's falling off at about twelve kilometers." Mayweather says everything on his end is okay. T'Pol tells them, "Our situation should improve -- we're about to break through the cyclohexane layer." Sure enough, the orange atmosphere trades itself in for a green one. The ship begins to rattle around. "I wouldn't exactly call this an improvement," Cpt. Quantum comments from his Porsche Captain's chair. T'Pol looks through her viewfinder (we all knew this already, but it's exactly like Spock's viewer on TOS -- so very cool), and reports that they are in liquid phosphorus. "I wouldn't have expected that beneath a layer of cyclohexane," T'Pol comments. Guess you don't know everything, Miss Smarty T'Pants. Hoshi grabs the arms of her chair and says, "You might think about recommending seat belts when we get home." Cpt. Quantum tells her, "It's just a little bad weather." This episode of Enterprise was brought to you by Dramamine. Beam some aboard your next mission. They clear the liquid phosphorus field, and Hoshi reports that their sensors are working again. "Level off, go to long range scans," Cpt. Quantum commands. T'Pol reports two vessels bearing down on them at "one-one-nine, mark seven." Cpt. Quantum leaps from his chair and orders those coordinates up on the viewscreen. Sure enough, two small crafts are zipping toward them. "Impulse and warp engines," Reed reports, referring to the pods. "What kinds of weapons?" Cpt. Quantum asks. They're too far away for Reed to tell. Mayweather tells the captain he's picking another object up at three-four-two, mark 12, and "it's a lot bigger." Hoshi adjusts the screen so they can now see the Helix-Topiary thing, which from this distance looks like an apple core. Cpt. Quantum orders them to use all sensors and pick up whatever information they can. Reed and T'Pol get busy. No, not like that -- on their scanning! A closer look allows them to see many little pods going to and from the Topiary Apple Core Helix. Hoshi reports she's picking up 30,000 bio-signs, but cannot isolate a Klingon if there is one.

Suddenly, the ship is rocked by a hit. "That was a particle weapon, sir," Reed reports. Over the intercom, Tucker reports damage in Engineering and asks what's going on. "Just a little trouble with the bad guys," his Captain ineffectually reports back. T'Pol suggests they return to the phosphorus layer, and the captain gives the order. A pod chases and fires at Enterprise, but gives up once they disappear in the phosphorus. Some really awesome special effects here. I'm really impressed by the shots of the ship that show its various angles and how thin it is. T'Pol reports that her analysis of the Topiary Apple Core shows it to be an "aggregate structure comprised of hundreds of vessels [which are] held in place by an interlocking system of magnetic seals." Hoshi reports her success in isolating a non-Suliban bio-sign, but she can't be sure it's definitely Klingon. Reed suggests using the transporter, but Cpt. Quantum says, "We've risked too much to bring him back inside out. Would the grappler work in a liquid atmosphere?" Reed lights up. "I believe so!" he says. Cpt Quantum tells him to bring it online and asks Mayweather to take them down again. Enterprise shimmies out of the phosphorus layer and begins firing at the pods, but doesn't hit any; the pods return fire. Aboard the ship, Reed reports that their ventral plating is sustaining heavy damage. "Hold your position," Cpt. Quantum orders. "Lead ship's closing, seven thousand meters," Reed says. Tension builds with the music. "Six thousand," Reed reports. "We should ascend," T'Pol says, her dinners heaving. Cpt. Quantum says to hold their position as a direct hit at the bridge erupts in an explosion of sparks behind him. "One thousand meters," Reed says. Several more direct hits cause the actors to fall off their chairs. Reed reports that the forward plating is "offline." More tension and music. View of the top of the ship. "Now, Mr. Reed," Cpt. Quantum orders. The grappler is deployed, shoots out, and snags a pod all Batman-like. As it recoils back to the ship, a hatch on the pod opens, and a Suliban ejects into the atmosphere with what looks like a suitcase. Enterprise ascends once again into the phosphorus layer. Reed smiles at Cpt. Quantum, reporting, "The ship's in the launch bay."

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