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Yesterday's Enterprise

T'Pol tells Cpt. Quantum that she'll get spanked by the Vulcan High Command if anything happens to him or Tucker. Reed and his cheekbones arrive with the gadgets for the mission. He pops open one of the trunks: "This should reverse the polarity of any maglock within a hundred meters. Once you set the sequence, you'll have five seconds." So it's just a big magnet? Reed opens to the other Mafia metal suitcase and shows Quantum two weapons cushioned in black foam. They look like silver water guns. "Ah, our new weapons," Cpt. Quantum says. Wait, "new"? Why didn't they take them down to Rigel 10? Did they just arrive by transporter mail or something? "They're called phase pistols," Reed explains, handing one over to Quantum. "They have two settings: 'stun' and 'kill.' It would be best not to confuse them." Heh. I like Reed. Only Brits can deliver such deadpan humor. Another crash rocks the ship. "Time to go," Cpt. Quantum says, packing up the gadgets. "The ship is yours," he tells T'Pol. The pod drops out of the bottom of the ship, with a nervous-looking Trip Tucker gripping the controls. Some alarm goes off. "What's that?" Cpt. Quantum asks. "Travis said not to worry about that panel," Trip says mock-confidently.

The crew aboard Enterprise report more damage. Reed suggests changing their position so the Sulibans "have to start from scratch." "If we change our position, the Captain will have no way of finding us," T'Pol says. Mayweather shakes his head at this news. I don't know why; she's totally right about that. In the stolen pod, Trip reports, "I think we're there." Cpt. Quantum tells Trip to "bring the docking interface online." Why doesn't he do it? Trip's clinging to the steering thing (it's not exactly a wheel, is it?) for dear life, and Cpt. Quantum's just there sitting on his hands. Cpt. Picard never found it beneath him to calibrate doohickeys or stabilize whatchamacallits when he was riding shuttlecraft shotgun. Trip hesitantly pokes at the control panel while Cpt. Quantum looks annoyed. "Coaxial ports?" he says. Trip pokes again: "Open." "Let's go," Cpt. Quantum says. If this race is so superior, wouldn't they have ways of sensing what kinds of life signs were in the pod? I mean, if Enterprise with their "inferior" technology can scan for Suliban signs in the Apple Core Helix, you'd think the Suliban would have ways of knowing that the humans from the ship they're firing at are in one of their own pods. Cpt. Quantum gives some navigational directions, and the Apple Core Helix comes into view through this clever window at their feet. "There you are," Trip breathes. Cpt. Quantum tells him to drop below the upper support radius and start a counterclockwise sweep. Now that we're closer to the structure, all the little pods connected to it look like a bunch of Dow's Scrubbing Bubbles hanging together. I think it's slicker than the Borg cube. I want it to be made into a toy. Cpt. Quantum directs Trip down. Trip bumps the pod on the Apple Core Helix, and Cpt. Quantum gives him A Look. Trip shrugs sheepishly. I see -- it's just like in the beginning when Trip scratches the paint on Enterprise. They dock in a hexagon port and pop the hatch open. Cpt. Quantum pulls out the pistols, and they start to make their way through the honeycomb passages. Something moves off to their right and Cpt. Quantum fires instantly, knocking the Suliban to the ground. "Stun seems to work," Cpt. Quantum says.

Aboard the ship, Hoshi presses a precursor to Uhura's listening device to her ear and shouts, "Grab onto something!" Outside the ship, several charges shoot up through the atmosphere around the ship and do quite a bit of damage. Alarms go off; Reed is knocked out of his seat, and he yells, "This is ridiculous, if we don't move, Cpt. Archer won't have anything to look for when he gets back!" T'Pol turns to Hoshi and says, "We're going to need that ear of yours," before going to the Captain's chair and giving orders to change their position.

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