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Yesterday's Enterprise

Cpt. Quantum and Trip manage to find Klaang pretty easily and start to release him from his bonds. "This is going to be easier than I thought," Trip comments. Yeah, knock on tritanium! As soon as he's released, Klaang throws Trip across the room. Cpt. Quantum points his plasma pistol at him and says, "I really don't want to have to carry you out of here." I'd like to see you try, Quantum Man. He's only seven feet tall and a fake wrestler. Trip takes Klaang's arm and leads him down the corridors behind Cpt. Quantum. Apparently, captivity hasn't taught Klaang anything about being discreet, because he starts shouting. Cpt. Quantum tells him to shut up, which, surprise surprise, doesn't work. They get fired at and duck for cover. Klaang continues to shout. "You tell 'em, big guy," Trip says. I was wondering how long it would take to get a "big guy" out of Trip. Cpt. Quantum tells Trip to give him the "box." A Suliban creeps around the corner, but he's nabbed by Klaang "Zeus" the Klingon and dispatched the WWF way. "Thanks," Trip gasps, impressed. More phaser fire, and Cpt. Quantum orders Trip and Klingon to the pod, saying, "I'm right behind you!" He sticks the depolarizing thingy to a wall, turns the dial, and jumps back. There's an explosion (of course) and a shower of sparks. Lights flicker, and the sound of power shutting down tells us he's succeeded. Until the floor beneath his feet begins to separate. Cpt. Quantum looks around in surprise to see all the pods falling away from the structure. Okay, what exactly did he think was going to happen when he reversed the polarity? He knew all those pods were held together by a magnetic force -- that's what the structure is made up of -- did he think his pod would somehow stick to the structure until he got on board? Whatever. From the outside of the structure, all the pods begin to float aimlessly away. Kind of like bubbles in a fizzy drink.

In the pod, Trip bounces around with Klaang and gets Cpt. Quantum on his communicator. "Where are you?" he asks. "Still in the central core," Cpt. Quantum tells him. "Get Klaang aboard Enterprise." "What about you, Sir?" Trip asks. "Get him to the ship, you can come back for me," Cpt. Quantum tells him. Trip tells him it's going to be difficult to "isolate [his] bio-signs," and directs him to stay as far away from the Suliban as possible. Trip jets off amidst bouncing pods, which smash into each other and break apart. Aboard the pod, Trip fights a yelling Klaang for the armrest. "Ah don't particularly lak the way you smell either!" Trip shouts back. His Southern accent has been fading in and out at odd times throughout the episode. He mutters to himself that he doesn't understand where Enterprise is.

On Enterprise, Reed reports that the sensor charges are "getting closer again." T'Pol instructs Mayweather to move another five kilometers. "At this rate, the Captain will never find us," Mayweather crabs. Okay, they bitch about it when they don't move because T'Pol says the Captain won't be able to find them, and then they bitch when they do move. Hoshi, listening device pressed into her ear, tells T'Pol she thinks she heard something. "Amplify," T'Pol directs. Static and buzzing fills the bridge, and everyone but Hoshi looks confused. "It's Commander Tucker," Hoshi says. "All I hear is noise," Reed tells her. "It's just a narrow notch in the mid-range," Hoshi of the Supersonic Auditory Canal says. Hoshi reports that Trip is about to ignite his thruster exhaust. T'Pol powers up her Spock Viewer and gives Mayweather some coordinates, then turns to Hoshi and says something in Vulcan. "You're welcome," Hoshi smiles. Mayweather tells them he's located the pod and it's right in front of them, so T'Pol tells him to "initiate docking procedures." Hoshi reports she's only picking up two bio-signs, "one Klingon, one human." T'Pol looks concerned.

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