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Yesterday's Enterprise

Meanwhile, Cpt. Quantum makes the most of his time in the Apple Core Helix and scouts around for Sulibans. Didn't Trip tell him to stay away from them? His tricorder (if they're called that in this series) scanner gives off odd signals when he directs it down a certain corridor so, of course, he goes down that corridor. He finds himself in the Trippy Shower Room with the Motion Light Trails. He notices the trails and waves his pistol back and forth, watching the trails. Bet he doesn't remember dropping acid back on the Enterprise. He tries to fire his pistol, but it makes an odd noise, so he reaches into his pocket and slaps something to the bottom of the pistol. Are these the kinds of weapons they have to reload?

On the Enterprise, Trip sticks his face in T'Pol's and says, "Turn the ship around now!" What, no "thank you for saving my butt, T'Pol"? Where's that famous Southern gentility? T'Pol tells him that their mission is to return Klaang to Kronos, and any other attempt at a rescue would put the mission in jeopardy. Trip tells her that Cpt. Quantum "specifically told [him] to [go] back for [him]." T'Pol says it's her duty to interpret the Captain's orders, and she doesn't think he'd want the rest of the crew put in danger just to rescue him. Trip says the Captain's orders were for him to return. "Captain Archer may very well have told you to return for him because he knows how stubborn you can be!" Hoshi, Mayweather, and Reed all exchange looks. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Trip asks, putting his hands on his hips. T'Pol tells him he might have risked Klaang's life "in a foolish attempt to swing back and rescue the Captain." Trip shouts that he can't believe he's hearing this. "The situation must be analyzed logically," T'Pol tells him calmly. "I don't remember the Captain analyzing anything when he went back for you on that roof!" Trip says, once more sticking his face in hers. "That is a specious analogy!" T'Pol says, standing up. Huh? How?

In the Trippy Shower Room, Cpt. Quantum spins around as the door slides open. Nothing seems to walk in, because the Suliban is doing that chameleon trick. "You're wasting your time," a Suliban voice says. Closed captioning finally decides to tell me his name is "Salik." Salik continues, "Klaang knows nothing." Cpt. Quantum whips around -- as much as he can be said to "whip around" in this delayed action chamber -- in the direction of the voice, his pistol at the ready. "It would be unwise to discharge that weapon in this room," Salik tells him silkily. "What is this room? What goes on here?" Cpt. Quantum demands. "You're very curious, Jon. May I call you 'Jon'?" Salik asks. "Am I supposed to be impressed that you know my name?" Cpt. Quantum demands, all Swaggerin' Tough Guy. A figure briefly appears behind Cpt. Quantum, then disappears, without him noticing. Salik tells him he's "learned a great deal about [him], even more than [he knows]." Cpt. Quantum tells him to show himself.

Back in space, Reed reports that the hull plating's been "repolarized." Just in time for winter. T'Pol orders the impulse engines to "stand by" and asks Trip's status in Engineering. Trip gives her some techno-babble back, but the important thing seems to be that the "annular confinement" is off by two microns. T'Pol says, "That should suffice." "Easy for you to say," Trip mutters. Are they friends again? Did we miss a scene? "If the Suliban have re-established their defenses we'll have no other option," T'Pol tells him.

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