Broken Bow

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Yesterday's Enterprise

Salik continues to taunt Cpt. Quantum in the Trippy Shower Room, and tells him to leave the room, "Now." The doors re-open. Salik keeps appearing and fading, so Cpt. Quantum is in no hurry to leave. "This chameleon thing's pretty fancy," he comments, "was it payment for pitting the Klingons against each other, or a trophy from your temporal cold war?" Salik comes at him from a side of the chamber like a running back and sacks him, knocking the captain's weapon from his hand. See, when you spout off about how much you know, you're doomed. Salik was going to let Quantum go because he didn't think he knew anything, but I don't think that's the case anymore. Salik materializes, picks up the phase pistol, and says, "I was going to let you go." "Really?" Cpt. Quantum says. "Then you obviously don't know as much about me as you thought you did." "On the contrary," Salik murmurs, "I could have told you the day you were going to die, but I suppose that's about to change." Salik fires, and it's like a bullet going through Jell-O. The phaser beam creeps out and hits Cpt. Quantum in the chest. He looks down and realizes he's not hit yet, because, like all the movements in this room, there's a ghost of a movement preceding the actual. He wrenches himself out of the way as the real phaser fire hits the doors behind him. Then there's a repercussion from the fire, manifesting itself in a spatial distortion and enveloping the whole chamber in its backlash wave. Say that ten times fast. Salik gasps, and the wave distortion hits him, knocking him across the room. Wasn't he the one who told Quantum it would be "unwise" for him to fire in that room? Dumbass. Cpt. Quantum ducks behind something and calls out, "What's the matter? No genetic tricks to keep you from getting knocked on your butt?" "What you call tricks, we call progress," Salik hisses. "Are you aware that your genome is almost identical to that of an ape? The Suliban don't share your patience with natural selection." Salik finds the pistol and waves it around. "So to speed things up a little, you struck a deal with the devil?" Cpt. Quantum asks, throwing something at the door. Salik fires at the clatter, creating another wave distortion (these genetically-enhanced Suliban must have lost something in the learning-curve upgrade), which Cpt. Quantum manages to jump through and to the other side of the door. Salik follows him. As the lights go out, we see Cpt. Quantum sweep Salik's leg out, knocking him to the ground. He copied that move right out of The Karate Kid. They tussle.

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