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Yesterday's Enterprise

Outside, Enterprise wings in for the rescue, firing at pods. How did they resolve that between T'Pol and Trip? It was such an obvious fight, but now they expect us to just think, "Oh, they must've come to an understanding," without showing us how or why? I think the writers are underestimating their viewers. T'Pol asks if they can dock. "These aren't ideal conditions," Mayweather says. T'Pol tells Trip they're "going to Plan B." How sick is it that I make a connection to STV:TFF, where Kirk's "Plan B" meant "no plan"?

Still more tussling between Salik and Cpt. Quantum. Salik's hand is just beyond the gun and he's got Cpt. Quantum in a headlock (must've picked up a thing or two from Klaang). Salik chuckles evilly and his hand squidges, twists, and flips inside out to get within reach of the pistol. Cpt. Quantum breaks away and starts to run. "NOW!" T'Pol shouts from the Enterprise, as Salik fires. Cpt. Quantum dematerializes while running and arrives in the Enterprise transporter room still running. Trip reports that they got all of him. Cpt. Quantum whips around, looking at the transporter pad. "Sorry, Cap'n, we had no other choice," Trip tells him. Cpt. Quantum gasps and clutches at his chest, feeling to make sure he's all there. It's a pretty priceless scene. Enterprise warps off.

On Kronos, T'Pol, Cpt. Quantum, and Hoshi deliver Klaang to his High Command Council. Hoshi translates what Klaang says to his High Council. "Something about disgracing the Empire," she tells them, "he says he's ready to die." A Klingon with white hair, who seems to be in charge because of the white hair, approaches Klaang and whips out a dagger. Hoshi winces. White Haired Klingon grabs Klaang's hand and slashes his palm. Another Klingon collects the blood in a glass tube and takes it to a computer to be analyzed. I could go on and on about the color of Klingon blood being closer to the color of raspberry Bubble Yum than the human-like blood they poured out, but I'm too tired. The computer locates a message encoded into Klaang's cells (they look like DNA strands to me). All the Klingons start to growl in appreciation, and Klaang nods. Guess he's not disgraced after all -- in fact, I don't think he realized that he actually was carrying the message from Sarin in his blood. That's why he thought he failed and wanted to be killed. Isn't it tradition for the disgraced Klingon's palm to be slashed before he's killed or exiled? I thought Worf went through something like that. White Haired Klingon walks over to Cpt. Quantum and holds his dagger near the captain's throat, muttering in Klingon before walking away. "I'll take that as a thank you," Cpt. Quantum says. Hoshi tells him she doesn't think they have a word for "thank you" in their language. "Then what did he say?" Cpt. Quantum asks. "You don't want to know," Hoshi says.

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