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Yesterday's Enterprise

Back on Enterprise, Cpt. Quantum cuddles with Porthos. Aww. T'Pol and Trip enter his quarters, and he tells them that he just got off the horn with Starfleet. Apparently, Admiral Forrest "enjoyed telling the Vulcan High Command about the Suliban [they] ran into. It isn't every day he gets to be the one dispensing information." Cpt. Quantum continues, "I wanted you both to hear Starfleet's orders before I inform the crew." "'Orders'?" Trip parrots. Cpt. Quantum tells T'Pol that the Vulcans will be picking her up in a transport. T'Pol says she thought she was being ferried back to Earth by Enterprise. You can tell Cpt. Quantum is really enjoying this moment, as he tells her, "It would be a little out of our way. Admiral Forrest sees no reason why we shouldn't keep going." "Son of a bitch," Trip breathes. Cpt. Quantum smiles even more broadly and says, "I have a feeling Dr. Phlox won't mind sticking around for a while -- he's developing a fondness for the human endocrine system." So, like, hormones and stuff? Is that why he shut Trip and T'Pol up together, so he could analyze Trip's hormones? Trip scuttles off to get double shifts started on repairs, and Cpt. Quantum tells him to patch up the outer hull as well. "Let's hope that's the last time someone takes a shot at us," Cpt. Quantum says, and it's taken me watching this episode four times to realize who he's imitating when he delivers his lines: John Wayne. It's slow and deliberate and drawly. It's not a good thing, either. T'Pol starts to follow Trip out, but Cpt. Quantum calls her back. Cpt. Quantum delivers a little speech about needing to get over his preconceptions, prejudices, and grudge-holding against Vulcans if he's going to succeed with other species. "This mission would have failed without you," Cpt. Quantum tells her. "I won't dispute that," T'Pol says with the barest of smiles (again, shouldn't even be the "barest" of anything there). "I was thinking," Cpt. Quantum tells her, looking at his watch and realizing it's nearly time to leap again if Ziggy's on schedule, "a Vulcan Science Officer could come in handy, but if I asked you to stay it might look like I wasn't ready to do this on my own." "Perhaps you should add 'pride' to your list," T'Pol tells him. And perhaps you should add a bra to yours. "Perhaps I should," Cpt. Quantum avers. T'Pol tells him it might be best if she contacted Vulcan High Command and put in the request on her own. "With your permission," she adds. Cpt. Quantum raises his chin proudly: "Permission granted."

They both rejoin the bridge crew. "I hope nobody's in a big hurry to get home," Cpt. Quantum says, and everyone turns toward him. "Starfleet seems to think we're ready to begin our mission." Everyone smiles, except Reed, who realizes he left the kettle on in his flat. Cpt. Quantum tells them about an inhabited planet "a few light years from here." Reed finds it and reports that it has a "nitrogen-sulfide atmosphere." "Probably not humanoids," Hoshi comments. "That's what we're here to find out," Cpt. Quantum says John Wayne-ily. "Prepare to break orbit and lay in a course." Mayweather reports an ion storm in their trajectory. "Should I go around it?" he asks. "We can't be afraid of the wind, Ensign," Cpt. Quantum says as Mathra staggers in with grocery bags full of fresh anvils. "Take us to warp four." The show ends with another glimpse into the Sepia Tones of Cpt. Quantum's Childhood, where Child Archer successfully guides his remote-controlled ship through the air with his father.

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