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Prisoner Transport Ship. Quantum and Trip discuss their chances of escape. An Enolian guard comes in to tell Quantum that he's being released. The Nausicaan whines about that and asks how much the Enolians were paid to release them. The guard tells the Nausicaan to shove it. "I'm innocent too -- I'll pay you," the Nausicaan says in a deadly quiet voice. The Enolian guard tells him to shut up again and makes like he's about to activate the wrist-zapper. The Enolian prisoner in front of Quantum gets out of his cuffs just as the Nausicaan gets zapped into submission. "That's enough!" the Enolian prisoner shouts, advancing on the Enolian guard. The Enolian prisoner knocks out the guard and then releases the Nausicaan. All the other prisoners clamor to be freed as well. Trip and Quantum look like they've got Tick Underoos wedgies that are just out of reach.

The Enolian prisoner and the Nausicaan (we'll call them Frick and Frack, respectively) menace the other prisoners and put the K.O.'d guard in the Nausciaan's restraints. In a hostile takeover, Frick and Frack gain control of the cockpit and thus the ship. Frick and Frack argue over the fact that Frack knocked out the pilot when they needed him to operate the ship. Some other prisoners bitch about being released, but Frick tells them that good things come to those who shut up. Did you hear that, Trip? Quantum languidly offers himself up as someone who knows how to handle a warp ship, especially when handling the anti-matter containment field and the plasma manifold. Apparently, those are things you don't want to screw around with. "You're a pilot?" Frick (or maybe Frack) asks. "A damn good one -- I'm a smuggler, remember?" Quantum answers. Frick releases his wrist-zapper and orders him into the cockpit, ignoring his pleas to get his engineer released as well. Although I really do like their jeans and pigment-dyed t-shirt look in this ep, I could do without Trip's maroon leather jacket, and I really don't know what's going on with the faux fur on Quantum's leather lapels. As Quantum strides off to the cockpit with Frick, Frack stands guard over the uneasy prisoners. I'm sure they're safe as long as no one has a hankering to play Dom-Jot.

In the cockpit, Quantum gets his bearings while an impatient Frick hovers. Once Quantum lists off all the controls, Frick orders him to set a course for a binary system. Quantum obeys with a few words of contention.

In the prisoners' suite, Frack zaps the conscious Enolian guard when the guard suggests that getting the unconscious Enolian guard medical attention would be a good move on the mutineers' part.

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