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Cockpit. Frick wants to know why Quantum was about to be released by the Enolians. Quantum plays the game of being a smuggler who is kept in circulation because some of his customers are paying off the Enolians. You may be better in tonight's role, Quantum, but Hans Solo in tight leathers you ain't. Quantum makes smalltalk with Frick and learns that Frick managed to wriggle his way out of his wrist-zapper with the aid of a subcutaneous implant. He bares his wrists to Quantum and shows a scar, explaining, "They depolarize triburnium alloys." Quantum wonders at his preparedness, and Frick tells him that he outstayed his welcome once on Canamar and has no intention of returning. "So, I left prepared," Frick tells him. Quantum once again tries to make a soft play for releasing Trip, saying that "his partner" could be helpful if they run into "trouble." Frick wants to know what Quantum is currently fiddling with on the con, and Quantum tells him it's a subspace transceiver. "I hope you're not trying to send a message," Frick threatens. Quantum laughs and assures him he's disabling it, since it leaves a traceable subspace signature even when it's not transmitting anything. Frick busts the transceiver with the butt of his gun: "Now it's off-line." Why didn't Quantum just lie and tell him it was something other than the transceiver? Obviously Frick wouldn't have known the difference.

Enterprise. Hoshi picks up an automated distress signal that the Enolian Ambassador identifies as one of their frequencies. However, since they have hundreds of ships, he can't definitively say whether or not it is coming from one of their transport vessels. Hoshi gets no response from a hail, so T'Pol order their speed increased. The Enolian Ambassador mentions that they have patrol ships in that area, and T'Pol orders him to contact them.

Transport ship. Terence Trent D'Alien talks Trip's ear off. At one point he asks if Trip's ever tried something that sounds to me like "toejam." Trip is obviously annoyed with his seatmate's nattering and does his best to be rude. Terence Trent D'Alien doesn't take the gentle hint and goes on and on about having his face surgically altered, losing three toes to frostbite, walking with a limp, and Orion slave girls. He even suggests that Trip could have his face surgically "fixed" as well. Heh. Trip calls out to Frack and asks if he can change seats. Snort -- Trip's an idiot, but at least he's a funny idiot. The Nausicaan chuckles evilly -- perhaps he's thinking what it would be like to make Trip his bitch -- and Terence Trent D'Alien pouts, having just realized he's blown his chances at Trip making him his bitch.

Cockpit. Frick wonders why he and Quantum haven't run into each other before. Quantum bullshits his way out of that one, but is stupid enough to mention that their homeworld is Earth. A beeper goes off, and Quantum reports that two ships are coming up from behind them. Frick looks at them on the mini-viewscreen and determines that they're Enolian patrol ships.

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