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Cockpit. Frick is starting to doubt Quantum's honesty. Imagine that -- he's actually wondering if an arrested "smuggler" on his way to this year's answer to Rura Penthe might perhaps have concealed ulterior motives. Quantum challenges the accusation, saying, "You think I sent a distress call?! I told you we should've gotten rid of this ship -- it's too easy to track!" Maybe I was drunk, but I don't remember Quantum suggesting they get rid of the ship. Once the patrol ships charge their weapons, Quantum and Frick loudly debate whether or not they can take the two ships in a firefight. The transport ship shakes from being fired upon. Quantum refuses to return fire on the grounds that their guns are no match for Lord Vorlock -- I mean, "for the patrol ships" -- but says that with Trip's help, he can get them out of their present conundrum.

Outer space. At one point it looked like the transport ship was actually returning fire, but I guess that couldn't be right. In the Prisoners' Suite, Terence Trent D'Alien wishes he's brought his Dramamine as he wonders what's going on. I'm thinking of popping a few myself, because the tipsy camcorder work throughout this ep is making me a little nauseous. The shackled Enolian guard triumphantly tells Terence they are being attacked by patrol ships and all the prisoners are going to be recaptured. Frack bellows, "The next person who speaks is going out the airlock." He then adds protectively, "He needs to concentrate!" Aw, he really does imagine Trip as his little soap on a rope! We see Trip fiddling with some panels. Terence Trent D'Alien whines that he doesn't want to die tied up like an animal. Frack wrist-zaps him, and Terence takes it pretty well. Trip fiddles some more and tells Quantum, "Ready when you are." In the cockpit, Quantum nods at Frick, who tells the patrol ships to stop firing as they surrender. Frick acknowledges some orders from the patrol ships and nods back at Quantum. From the viewfinder, Quantum watches the patrol ships draw closer and finally says to Trip: "Now!" Trip pulls some levers and announces that the plasma vents are open. An indigo cloud pours out of the transport ship and slowly envelopes the patrol ships. The transport ship takes off and also seems to ignite the plasma, buffeting away -- but oddly not destroying -- the patrol ships. Frick orders Quantum to target the patrol ships' warp reactors, but Quantum refuses, arguing that he's just wanted for smuggling and doesn't want to up that charge to murder. Frick finally agrees, and Quantum jets them away.

Prisoner's suite. Frack straps Trip back into his restraints as Trip complains that after all he did to help, he's being treated like a common prisoner. Frack ignores him as he finds reasons to touch Trip's hand repeatedly while adjusting his restraints before walking away. "Aw, the least you could do is say 'thanks,'" Trip mutters. The Nausicaan pauses on the catwalk and bends down to Trip's level. "Thanks," he drawls sarcastically. Wow -- a Nausicaaan drawling sarcastically; this race really must have an anti-Renaissance in the next few centuries. "That was nice!" Terence Trent D'Alien offers as Frack walks away, and then starts in with the reminiscing. Trip glares at his quivering gills and barks, "Shut up!" Terence Trent D'Alien descends into a deep sulk.

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