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Transport ship. Quantum enters the Prisoners' Suite and tells Frack that Frick wants Trip to fix the docking hatch that was damaged by the patrol ships. Quantum releases Trip, and Frack follows them to the docking hatch. With Frack standing right behind them, Quantum stage-whispers, "He's taking us off on a shuttle, then he plans to crash the ship." Trip hopes Quantum has a cunning plan in the works. Quantum thinks they have to take control of the ship themselves and not wait for Enterprise to save their hides. "Think you can handle him?" Quantum asks, looking back at Frack. God, if their whispering alone weren't suspicious enough, that sure was! "Piece of cake," Trip tells him. Now, would that be Lady Baltimore Cake? I'm just curious.

Enterprise. May-caroon reports that a ship is dropping out of warp, and Dance Of The Reed Flutes reads (hee -- Reed "reads"! When he dies and is therefore of the past, do you think we can call him "Red"? Oh, lord, am I scraping the barrel of lunacy or what?) four Enolian bio-signs aboard. The Enolian Ambassador doesn't recognize the ship. May-nicotti announces that the ship is heading for the fourth planet (gasp -- just like the prison transport ship!), and Hoshi reports hail-fellow-well-mets going out to the prison transport ship from the unidentified vessel. Like to see how Frick and Frack are going to respond, considering that Frick destroyed their comm system. Hoshi reports that there is no response forthcoming from the prison transport ship. Oh. Well, okay then. Glad I didn't have to work myself into a rant over that one. T'Pol hypothesizes that they came to rescue Frick, and asks about the rescue ship's guns. Dance Of The Reed Flutes thinks they can hold their own against it.

Transport ship. Frick orders Quantum to lay in a descent course for the transport ship, and Quantum tries to argue for bringing all the prisoners aboard the rescue ship. Frick yells at him, so Quantum shuts up and punches in the coordinates. Quantum asks Trip how the "docking port is coming." Trip sighs, grunts, and looks back at Frack, saying, "I need uh minnit -- itsa big job." See, because "docking port" is code for "beating up the hulking, but curiously verbose, Nausicaan." Clever, these Starfleet boys are. Trip presses Frack to help him with the docking port by commenting on how well-built Frack is. His vanity thusly stroked, Frack steps into the recess that contains the docking port. "That one," Trip points out, "if you could turn it counterclockwise." Oh, come on! A Nausicaan -- or any other alien for that matter -- is going to know what "counterclockwise" is? As he gives more directions, Trip reaches back and grabs a set of wrist restraints from a rack showcasing several different restraint sizes. And here I was thinking the prison saved money on a "one size fits all" model. Trip bashes Frack over the head, and the Nausicaan falls like a souffle. I think Trip just blew his chance at becoming Mrs. Frack. As Trip grabs Frack's gun, the prisoners protest at the shift of power. "They said they were going to let us go!" Terence Trent D'Alien whines. Trip runs up the catwalk and spins back to say, "They lied! They're planning to kill you -- all of you!" The prisoners appear to be staging a sit-in, but Trip tells them to shut up and activates an alarm. The very fact that Trip told them to shut up and didn't wrist-zap them should tell the prisoners that they're now in better hands. Better manicured ones, too.

Cockpit. Frick hears the alarm and decides to check it out. He enters the Prisoners' Suite, and Trip takes aim at him. Terence Trent D'Alien shouts out a warning to Frick. Trip fires, and is hit by Frick's return fire. Quantum jumps out of his seat, only to be confronted by Frick's gun. No, his actual gun, gutterminds. Quantum talks fast about Frick needing someone to repair the docking hatch before they enter planet's atmosphere, adding, "Shoot me and you'll die with the others!" Frick tells Quantum to get to work on the docking hatch. "You don't have to kill these people," Quantum comments. Frick just shoves him down the catwalk while taking care to display Calvin Klingon's latest line of hard-labor prison attire.

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