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A Vulcan's Tale

Back in the living room at Chez Trois Vulcans, where T'Nana is reading a book and Mestral is watching television, T'Pol VOs that three months went by and the Vulcans became resigned to the fact that they were not going to be rescued. There's a metallic beeping in the living room. The Trois Vs look at each other, surprised. T'Nana hurries to the sideboard and pulls out her communicator. A Vulcan captain tells her their distress signal was received by a Tellarite freighter (drink for gratuitous mentioning of a TOS species as a lame attempt at series-to-series continuity), who took their sweet time getting the message to the Vulcan High Command. The rescue ship informs them they are entering the system and will pick them up at the crash site in three days. T'Nana and T'Moe look relieved, but Mestral looks bitter at the prospect of saying goodbye to a town so full of hero-worship for him.

T'Nana's sweeping the cement in the bar parking lot. I guess she doesn't want it to be dirty cement. Phenom Jack pulls up in an old car and jumps out. "I hear you're leaving?" he says to her. T'Nana pauses in her cleaning of the ground and says, "That's correct." Phenom Jack asks where they're going. "Home. Up north," T'Nana says, still determined to get that ground so clean you could walk on it. "Well, I'm gonna miss you. You're about the most interesting people I've met in this town," Phenom Jack tells her. T'Nana predicts that he will meet lots of interesting people at college. "I'm not going," Phenom Jack says. T'Nana looks so alarmed, she stops cleaning the pavement, "What? Why not?" Phenom Jack tells her they couldn't come up with the rest of the money, and the tuition deadline is on Friday. "So..." Phenom Jack trails off as T'Nana stands close to him. "What will you do?" she asks. "Keep saving, I guess. Find a job," Phenom Jack shrugs as Bar Mom opens the bar door a crack and overhears him. "Mom doesn't want me anywhere near the mine but that's where the work is around here," Phenom Jack says. T'Nana asks if he can reapply for the scholarship the following year, and Phenom Jack tells her he's going to try, but there's no guarantee. "I'm sure they will offer it to you again," T'Nana says firmly. Phenom Jack says, "And if not, there's always the liberry [yes, he said it that way] -- still a lot of books I haven't read. Well, good luck up north. Carbon Creek's not exactly a vacation spot but I hope you'll come visit us." "Perhaps," T'Nana tells him. Bar Mom closes the bar door a bit to prevent Phenom Jack from seeing her as he walks away. "He took those college boards." Bar Mom crosses her arms, addressing T'Nana. "He got the highest scores in the county. It's not fair." Yep, she sounds exactly like her sister Joan. She goes back inside. And what was the point of that disclosure, anyway? T'Nana stands there holding her street sweeper thoughtfully.

Abandoned Vulcan ship. T'Nana paws among the wreckage. She finds something small and black. Next scene is of her on a train, crossing a river. She walks down a city street, checking out addresses, and finally enters a building. A man jumps up from his desk to greet her. "So, you're the lady with the invention that's going to change the world," he says, friendly-like. T'Nana pulls a scrap of black fabric from her purse. She rips it apart and pushes it back together. My closed-captioning reads "Velcro ripping." T'Nana hands over the V'lcro over to the man, who plays with it a few times and gets a big grin on his face. T'Nana leaves the building and sticks a wad of cash in her purse. I can't even handle it.

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