Carbon Creek

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A Vulcan's Tale

"D'yew ralize yew've jest rewritten our history books?" Trip demands of T'Pol. "A footnote, at best," T'Pol calmly comments. "Footnote?" Trip blithers, looking from T'Pol to Quantum and back to T'Pol again. "This is like finding out Neil Armstrong wunnit the first man to walk on the mewn!" "Maybe he wasn't," T'Pol suggests. Trip drops his head on the table and groans. Yeah, Alizé'll do that to you. Quantum puts out a "calm down" hand and asks how long "this Mestral" stayed on Earth. "The rest of his life, presumably," T'Pol answers. "And that would be what? Another hundred, a hundred and fifty years?" Quantum guesses. "Possibly longer," T'Pol says. Trip snorts, "An alien is left on Earth in the nineteen fifties, lives through, what? Thirty presidents, travels the world, and no one notices him? And what happened when he finally kicked the bucket? Did the unnertaker just shrug and ignore his ears?" You know, I think they make way too big a deal out of Vulcan ears being such a sign that they're aliens. Lots of people have weirdly shaped body parts; why would having pointy ears on an otherwise "normal"-looking individual be such a sign of close encounters? Doing an autopsy on a Vulcan -- now that would raise eyebrows. Green blood, heart where the liver should be, a second eyelid...but ears with slightly rearranged cartilage at the tip? Please. "You asked me to tell you a story," T'Pol reminds them. Trip laughs, "And it wuz a gud one -- but did it rilly happin?" "As I said, you asked me to tell you a story," T'Pol repeats. Trip's face falls. "Damn, Cap'n, she put wun over on us," he says. "You did go to Carbon Creek," Quantum says. T'Pol tells him that if he snoops around her record some more, he will find that she also visited Yellowstone Park and Carlsbad Caverns. "I'm a scientist, that includes geology," T'Pol reminds them, and rises from the table, thanking Quantum for "the meal." Trip and Quantum jump to their feet as she gets up. Well, that's nice of them -- I don't recall them doing that last season. "You've certainly kept us entertained," Quantum tells her. T'Pol says goodnight and leaves. Quantum and Trip stare after her and then stare at each other, not entirely sure what to make of all that.

T'Pol's cabin. T'Pol kneels on the floor in her sage green jammies and pulls something out of a microwave. It's probably a storage container, but the look and sound of the door is pure microwave. She carries the flat object, wrapped in black material, over to her meditation rug and candles. She flips the material back to show, and this is where I do my Lady Bracknell voice, "A ha-a-a-a-nd ba-a-a-a-g?" In fact, the handbag that we got such a clear and solitary shot of when T'Nana took the V'lcro out of it and stuffed the cash in its place.

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