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A Vulcan's Tale

Okay, there's been a great amount of fanwhinge over the whole Vulcans Can't Lie concept, which has been so irregular throughout all the series and movies that it's impossible to know whether Vulcans physically cannot lie or if they just think it's illogical ever to do it. Spock, Tuvok, and Kim Cattrall have all gotten away with the whole "I wasn't lying, I was being creative with the truth," thing while there have been other occasions where it's mentioned -- not necessarily by Vulcans -- that Vulcans "can't" lie. In this particular case, I'd argue that Mestral's lying came about because he's showing obvious signs of being a lapsed Vulcan -- the excessive interest in humans, his constant interaction with and defense of the humans, potentially becoming emotionally involved with one of them -- and is just getting lazy with Vulcan practices as a result. Now, before I decide to write my thesis on this instead of on the wines of the greater Spitgully region of Yemen, back to the snark!

So, T'Nana asks why Mestral lied; Mestral's ingenious response is, "Because I knew you wouldn't understand." T'Nana accuses Mestral of "engaging in intimate activity," and Mestral tells her it depends on how she defines the word "in." He tells her he didn't initiate it, and T'Nana grabs his arm, telling him he's not to have any further suck-face time with "that woman" again. "You can't make that decision," Mestral informs her. "I'm still in command," T'Nana insists. "Command of what?" Mestral wonders. He tells her that their mission is over, and she needs to deal with the fact that they may never leave Earth. T'Nana watches him walk away.

At the Bar Mom's bar, T'Nana takes a break from sweeping to hold a red pot-bellied candle in her hands. She sits down and closes her eyes, her hands in her lap, but before she can start om-ing, Phenom Jack shows up. He apologizes for bothering her and asks what she's doing. T'Nana explains that she was preparing to meditate. "Really? Are you just trying to clear your mind or reach a higher spiritual mind?" Phenom Jack asks. T'Nana looks at him sharply. "I spend a lot of time at the library," he says apologetically. "Studying meditation techniques?" T'Nana asks. Phenom Jack says that's just one of his many interests, and he proceeds to show off his knowledge of Buddhist monks in Tibet and fakirs in India, who can almost stop their hearts using sheer willpower. T'Nana tells him he'd be surprised what a disciplined mind can accomplish. I've never had a disciplined mind -- it's more like a juvenile delinquent mind. Just wanders off without telling me, smokes, drinks, skips classes, and has a dirty mouth and a really bad attitude. T'Nana demands to know what else Phenom Jack studies "at this library," and of course, he studies astronomy. Phenom Jack asks what T'Nana likes to read, and she tells him that she has "an interest" in astronomy as well. "Oh, really?" Phenom Jack says, getting all excited. "Did you know that minutes after dusk, when the sun is just right, you can see Sputnik with the naked eye? Maybe tomorrow I could show you." Did you know that minutes after eight o'clock, when it's a Wednesday, you can see Quantum furrow his brow with the naked eye? Maybe next week I could show you. T'Nana's already seen it -- Sputnik, that is. Phenom Jack's face falls, but he clears his throat: "It's amazing -- don't you think?" T'Nana nods slightly, and Phenom Jack stutters that he'll let her get back to her meditation. "It was nice talking to you," the poor lovesick boy says. "And you," T'Nana says, and really sounds like she means it. Phenom Jack shuffles off; T'Nana sits there thoughtfully.

Mines. Local wonders why Mestral isn't so interested in going to ballgames with him or hanging out with Bar Mom anymore. "What's wrong with you lately? Maggie says you haven't even bin --" Local's rebuke is interrupted by the mine shaft collapsing. Local and Mestral are knocked to the ground. "Are you all right, Billy?" Mestral asks Local Billy. "Yeah," Local Billy says. The exchange takes place while they're on the ground and still out of sight of the camera. It's kind of comical. We find out that a bunch of miners are trapped and in grave danger of imminent suffocation. The rather creepy thing is, this was filmed before those miners were trapped in Pennsylvania over the summer. Responding to his summons, T'Nana and T'Moe join Mestral on their abandoned ship. He is looking for particle weapons to assist in rescuing the miners. T'Moe and T'Nana are displeased with his rash proposed course of action, so they lecture him and try to argue him out of it, but to no avail. T'Nana even tries to persuade Mestral that it's not worthwhile to contaminate the human race, since we have such short lifespans as it is. "This has nothing to do with contamination, it has to do with compassion," Mestral says nobly. Wait -- could it be that I see a furrow on his noble brow? It's The Vulcan Furrow Of Paralleling This Character With Captain Quantum, Under Whom The Teller Of This Tale Serves. "Compassion is an emotion," T'Nana reminds him. Mestral informs them finally that he intends to help his friends, with or without the other Vulcans' help. "Don't try to stop me," he warns. T'Moe turns and stalks off the ship disgustedly. Isn't that acting emotional? T'Nana just stares Mestral down.

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