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Carpenter Street

You know what cracks me up about the Bay Area? Commercials about where to get bail using a 1-877 number. In rap.

As T'Pol stands watch, Quantum fiddles with an ATM. I'd love to see T'Pol take on some muggers. Quantum punches at his All-Purpose Blackberry, and some money pops out. He takes it and says, "People used to go to jail for this." "Used to"? Does that mean you can steal money in the future and not be punished? Cool. "We'll return what we don't use," T'Pol assures him. Quantum just shakes his head in amusement. Do you think they accessed Daniels's money? I mean, since he time-travels so often, it would make sense for him to have accounts set up over the years. Or at least have some American Express Time Traveler's Checks lying around. Don't mind me, I really am amusing myself over here.

Loomis moves on to his next victim. It's a guy in a wheelchair who Loomis convinces that he needs to come down to the blood bank and fill out some more paperwork. Loomis promises the guy that he'll get twenty-five bucks if he does it. The guy finally wheels himself out and asks, "This gonna take long? I don't want to miss Conan." Now, would that be as in "The Barbarian" or "O'Brien"?

T'Pol asks Quantum, "Were they aware at this time that Earth's supply of fossil fuel was nearing depletion?" "They had been for thirty years but it wasn't until 2061 that they finally --" Quantum's insight into our immediate future is interrupted by some beeping on T'Pol's e-pad. She directs him "one kilometer, straight ahead." They pull into a parking lot and turn off the headlights. T'Pol scans the warehouse and reports three Xindi bio-signs and five humans. "This doesn't look very residential," Quantum comments, and pulls out his phase pistol. He orders T'Pol to set her phaser to "kill," since "stun" has had no effect on the Xindi in previous encounters. They split up to investigate the area.

Quantum comms T'Pol that he found a neutronic power source coming from the first floor. T'Pol responds, "I found a gate with an electronic locking mechanism." If you ask me, Quantum's find wins. A car approaches, and T'Pol asks Quantum if he sees "the vehicle." He does, and hides. Loomis's car gets buzzed in again. Do you think people also used to go to jail for stealing men in wheelchairs?

Inside, Loomis finishes settling the wheelchair guy in his bed and goes to collect his payoff. "Did you disinfect your hands?" a hiding in the shadows Snake Eyes asks. "I insert IVs all day, I told you that. If there are any infections here, it won't be because of me," Loomis tells him. Speaking of infections, here's a question: would a blood bank really allow a prostitute to donate? Hell, they won't even let me donate because I was in England in 1992, 1996, and 1997, and I've got the rarest blood type. I think it's because of all the McDonald's I ate. And the steak and kidney pudding. And the piles of raw beef. Loomis complains about his lack of payment. Still in the shadows, Snake Eyes tells him he'll get his money when he delivers the last two blood types. Loomis whines a bit: "We should wait awhile. A few more days at least. There was something on the news -- cops are getting complaints that people have gone missing." Cops are getting "complaints" that people are going missing? What a weird thing to lodge a complaint over. Snake Eyes angrily insists that they can't wait a few more days. "Look, as soon as they figure out that all these people here have been to the clinic, it won't take a rocket scientist to point the finger at me." No, it will only take a starship captain who was a rocket scientist in a previous life. Loomis says he doesn't know and doesn't want to know what Snake Eyes is up to, but the cops don't take kindly to terrorists, so he's gotta be real careful. Now why would he just automatically assume that these guys are terrorists? All they're doing are collecting blood types -- maybe they've got a cure for cancer. Snake Eyes says he will double Loomis's pay if he has the final two there by the next day. Loomis agrees, and leaves.

Quantum and T'Pol follow Loomis's car.

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