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In Quantum's secret bunker -- ooh look, there's Cheney! -- Quantum asks what makes the people the Christalien Scientists are fighting heretics. "We believe The Makers created the Chosen Realm in nine days, they believe it took ten," Doubting Thomas says, adding a fair bit of derisiveness into that last part. Whether it's because he thinks it's ridiculous to fight a holy war over such a minor point, or because he thinks the heretics are idiots for adding a day onto their work week, is not clear, but I'm inclined to believe the former. Quantum snorts over this: "For that you've been at war for over a century?" Doubting Thomas doesn't answer this rhetorical question. Quantum tells Doubting Thomas that the EV controls need to be rerouted to Sickbay, but it can only be done from the Bridge, so he's going to teach Doubting Thomas how to do it. Doubting Thomas asks, "Why?" for the benefit of viewing audience. Phlox has synthesized an airborne agent that will neutralize the Christalien Scientist's body bombs, but it has to be distributed via the EV controls.

Bridge. The Christalien Scientists are hailed by the Heretics. A Heretic appears on screen. I don't believe it -- where the Christalien Scientists have a red Chakotay-ish tattoo on the right side of their faces, the Heretics have a blue one on the left side of their faces. LET THAT BE YOUR LAST TATTOO! Digimon orders the Heretics to surrender. They won't -- especially since they have four ships. THERE ARE FOUR SHIPS! Digimon gleefully tells him that even if he had ten ships, he wouldn't survive against Enterprise. I think that's overstating it a bit. I mean, Enterprise is great and all, but it's not going to part any red seas of Tranquility. Digimon tells the Heretic that if he surrenders they'll be treated "fairly." Yeah, where "fair" means "put to death because The Makers made me do it." The Heretic pretty much expresses this same thought and hangs up. Digimon orders T'Pol to target the lead vessel. She doesn't move. "Do what I say!" Digimon shouts. "No," T'Pol informs him. Digimon signals to one of his Christalien Scientists, who pulls T'Pol out of her seat and pushes her aside. He sits down to do her job for her. I don't know why Digimon didn't have him there in the first place. If they know how to run this ship, I can't see why they need any of the crew -- at this point whittled down to T'Pol, Mayweather, and possibly half of Hoshi -- on the bridge. Digimon orders them in closer.

From outer space I can now see that both nacelles are lit up. Although they aren't traveling at warp any more. I don't know what's going on -- why do I bother trying to figure it out?

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