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Let That Be Your Last Bakulafield

On the Bridge, Digimon yells, "Are you willing to sacrifice the lives of your crew?" He gets his answer as Reed and some Uh-Ohs enter firing. People duck, roll, and fire. Doubting Thomas passes T'Pol his weapon. She uses it. Digimon -- prairie-dogging into view -- is hit. On the ground, his head does that lolling thing that always signifies death. YAY! Reed and the Uh-Ohs get up and look around. Reed comms Quantum that he has the Bridge and it would be a lot easier if he had weapons back as well. The Fleabags continue to fire. Quantum tells him to standby. May-Best-Non-Verbal-Action-Of-The-Ep is crouching next to a downed Christalien Scientist. He snatches the weapon away all, "Give me THAT!" which was just excellent. "It was probably ad-libbed as well," Dr. Mathra jokes. Quantum gains the Bridge and looks around. "Hail them!" he raspily orders T'Pol. Quantum comms the Heretics that Digimon is no longer in control of the vessel. The Heretic comes on screen. Quantum tells him he's back in control of his ship. "Why should I believe you?" the Heretic asks. "I'm powering down my weapons," Quantum says with a glance at Reed, who scuttles to comply. The Heretic looks at his screen, smiles slightly, and hangs up. His two remaining Fleabags leave. Quantum furrows and sighs.

Quantum pays a visit to the Brig, where Digimon -- he didn't die? But, but the head lolling! DAMMIT! -- is sitting with his two Jesus fingers up. "We just entered orbit around Triannon -- let's go," Quantum orders him. Digimon stands up: "You've done a terrible thing, Captain. You've interfered with something that was ordained." You know what? Ordain this! Digimon goes on that after centuries of fighting, he was going to bring peace. "'Peace,'" Quantum repeats. "One of my crewmen is dead, six others are wounded, my ship is damaged --" "NONE OF THAT IS IMPORTANT!" Digimon yells, probably spitting a fair amount on Quantum's uniform. "All that matters is the sacred truth," Digimon says. Quantum sneers, "You want truth? I'll show you some truth."

As Enterprise orbits a planet, two sh'pods launch.

A sh'pod door opens to reveal a completely dead and destroyed planet. Digimon gets out with the other Christalien Scientists and looks around at his "truth." Looks like the same set they used in the Shockwaves. Mr. and Mrs. Doubting Thomas stand in saddened awe and put their arms around each other. Quantum walks up to Digimon. "From what we've been able to learn, this happened eight months ago," he says. "Both sides have been decimated. There are no major cities left." But Bumblefuck County's still okay, right? "Millions...are dead," Quantum continues rubbing it in. "Your faith was going to bring peace. Here it is." Quantum walks away. So are they going to leave them there? I really hope so.

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