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He turns his attention to all the data on spheres that Quantum and Qrew have collected. He considers all their data-gathering to be acts of extreme desecration and shouts, "For crimes of this magnitude, my faith obligates me to destroy your ship and put you all to death! However! I cannot ignore the fact that you put yourselves at risk to save us." Bullshit! You cannot ignore the fact that you need the ship and crew commanding it to wreak your holy war on your enemies. Digimon adds that he likes Quantum and finds him honorable. Quantum shakes his head and scoffs through his teeth at this. Digimon, in an attempt to divert Quantum's attention back on his grandiosity, says that he's going to temper the punishment. Quantum looks up. Pleased that he's center stage again, Digimon paces and says that as commander of the crew, Quantum will select one crewmember to be the lamb to slaughter. "You're out of your mind," Quantum tells him. Digimon says if Quantum won't step up, Digimon will do the choosing himself. Quantum wants time to think about it. Digimon gives him six hours. "I urge you to use this time to search within yourself and put these lies out of your mind," Digimon says. Again, there's that itching in my palm which can only be satisfied by smiting this guy full in the holier-than-thou face. Digimon then turns back to the computer and wipes their memory banks clean of the sphere data. Quantum gasps and takes a step forward. "Whatever -- no data is ever really erased -- just move it out of the trash or get some Norton Disk Tools," Dr. Mathra advises. "Six hours, Captain," Digimon reminds him, and leaves. Quantum, with heaving breast and furrowed brow, looks at the computer screen that now reads: "FILES DELETED TOTAL VOLUME DELETED: 19.3 XB S / COM SYSTEM UPDATED." Okay, so this is interesting. I'm pretty sure that quantity of data is "XB" and not "KB," which would be a total joke. I mean, emails are 19.3 KB. So, if they mean "exabyte," which is the proposed term for one billion gigabytes, they are supposed to use the abbreviation "EB." Someone screwed up unless they are just inventing a future quantity here. In fact, in trying to figure out if "XB" actually exists, I found that after "EB" comes "ZB" (zettabytes) for a thousand "EB," and "YB" (yottabytes -- hee, yotta yotta yotta!) for a thousand "ZB." Just in case anyone was wondering.

In having to make such a tough decision, it's only right that Quantum should wear out the carpet in front of his WOTWW. Too bad the carpet is already bald from all those unnecessary treadings that he sluttishly made in so many other episodes. Doubting Thomas brings him information on the repairs to Enterprise. Quantum holds Doubting Thomas back to tell him that Mrs. Doubting Thomas went to Phlox with the desire to end her pregnancy. Doubting Thomas tells Quantum that's between him and his missus. "My doctor got the impression that she doesn't exactly agree with Digimon's interpretation of your faith. As a matter of fact, Phlox said she's grown to hate everything about it." Doubting Thomas denies this. Quantum goes on to say that Mrs. Doubting Thomas intimated that Doubting Thomas himself was also having second thoughts. Doubting Thomas tries to deny all this by saying he will follow Digimon to his own death. "From what I've seen, I'm pretty sure you're going to have that opportunity," Quantum assures him. Doubting Thomas leaves.

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