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Let That Be Your Last Bakulafield

Transporter Alcove. T'Pol demonstrates the swift justice of the beam as she dematerializes a box of something. Surprised, Digimon and Doubting Thomas look around inside the transporter pad. "The molecules have been disassembled," Quantum explains. "Quick and painless." Digimon states rather than asks, "I can't change your mind?" Quantum remains resolute. Digimon invites them to proceed. "Captain," T'Pol starts to say, as if she didn't know this is all a ruse. "Ask Phlox to keep an eye on Porthos," Quantum interrupts her, and makes like he's stiffening his courage as he orders her to take care of the ship. T'Pol nods, her pointy collarbone heaving. Quantum gets on the pad and says, "This won't end here." He nods at T'Pol. I'm sorry, but he's acting so cheesily "this is a far, far better thing I do than I have ever done," that I can't believe the Christalien Scientists don't see through it. T'Pol beams him out and looks down. Digimon, his eyes closed, murmurs some words of prayer. Whatever. Get a church, buddy. Digimon steps over to T'Pol, tells her she has his sympathies, and says she should inform the crew. T'Pol looks at the transporter pad.

Okay, there's an outer space shot of Enterprise that looks like at least one of the warp nacelles is operational. I can't tell if the other one is operating as well. That's mildly important later.

Digimon cross-examines Doubting Thomas, because he thinks he's losing his religion. After encouraging Doubting Thomas to unburden himself to him, Digimon tells him that when he questions Digimon, he questions The Makers, which makes him a heretic. "When you begin to sympathize with the enemy, you risk becoming the enemy," Digimon finishes. Dunk him in some water and see if he floats -- that's nice and fair for you.

Sickbay. This is my favorite part of the entire episode. Phlox goes over to his beeping console and brings forward a dialog box that says "Don't feed him cheese" in blue type. Hee -- they're Instant Messaging! Phlox casts a cautionary look back as more blue type appears: "Can you talk?" Phlox smiles and types, "Go ahead," in yellow. Blue and yellow text -- a nod to the opening credits of TOS, perhaps? Somewhere -- I don't know where; I thought it was the Catwalk, but now I'm not entirely sure -- Quantum types from a console, "Can you neutralize the organic explosives?" Interesting little detail: From Quantum's console, Phlox's words are yellow and his own are blue, but it's the reverse on Phlox's console. Phlox responds that he needs internal scans of the Triannons. Behind him, Phlox senses that his guard is advancing, so he quickly minimizes the chat box. Great reflexes -- obviously Phlox has worked in a cubicle. Phlox asks if he can help the guard, and the guard backs off after seeing nothing on the screen.

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