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A Slave's Narrative

Aside from the glaring fact that Quantum seems to pick and choose his ethics based on whether or not they go with his outfit, this was a pretty interesting episode.

Enterprise checks out a big, bright, flamey thing. No, not Graham Norton. If reports can be believed, it's a "hypergiant." I'm giggling over the thought of mothergiant being annoyed that neighborkidgiant fed hypergiant too many Nerds. The qrew talks about the flamey thing going supernova in a few hundred years, and Quantum regrets not being there for the big bang. "Speak for yourself, I may very well be around," T'Pol comments. Trip tells Quantum they can't forget about Vulcan longevity and then asks (again) how old T'Pol is. T'Pol just looks at him. BAH! How great is it that she can quell him with a look? I should try that. They attempt to move in closer, and discover another ship deep in the flames ahead of them. They call them up and agree to make an amiable First Contact with the Vissians, who are from Vissia. Over the audio connection, Quantum and the Vissian captain discuss scanning the hypergiant. "Have you measured its rate of nucleosynthesis?" Capt. Vissian asks. Quantum pauses. "I'm afraid we haven't developed the technology to do that," he answers. Hee. He has NO idea what Capt. Vissian is even talking about, does he? Capt. Vissian is more than happy to shareware their technology with the humans. Quantum invites them over for dinner, since both species admit that meeting new species is one of their primary goals. "It'll be nice to have a First Contact where no one is thinking of charging weapons," Trip comments. I think Reed's actually disappointed by that fact. No worries -- he gets to play with his gun later.

I really wanted to exercise my primal scream during the song, but the cats were so peaceful-looking with their noses tucked into their paws, I just had to restrain myself. It was a struggle, but I don't mind suffering for my children.

Captain's Mess. Quantum and Capt. Vissian -- previously Tomalak on TNG -- have a quiet dinner alone together. Quantum discovers how technologically advanced the Vissians are. As Quantum laments the fact that they can't go into a star to explore it the way the Vissians can, Capt. Vissian offers to take him along in their stratopod. Capt. Vissian also makes a point of consoling Quantum with the fact that their technology will someday evolve to allow them to do what the Vissians now do, so we know that they aren't just handing over random technology. They make a date to see the star together.

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