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A Slave's Narrative

Situation Alcove. T'Pol takes Trip to task, telling him that he is no longer welcome on the Vissian ship. "Why?" T'Pol asks. "I wunnit 'zackly where I wuz s'posed to be," Trip answers, his hands clasped behind his back as he stands at partial attention. "No, you weren't," T'Pol says, and details all the ways the Vissians tried to find him. Trip admits that he was with the cogenitor. "Where?" T'Pol demands. "At first in her quarters," Trip says, and then he decides to take the offensive to deflect guilt away from himself: "Actually, they're not her quarters, they belong to the Chief Engineer and his wife. She gets a room to sleep in, and if she's real gud she can use their living space." T'Pol wants to know why he was there, and Trip tells her he was teaching the cogenitor to read and watch movies. T'Pol wonders why he's concerning himself with It's edumacation, and Trip argues that It isn't getting any sort of education. "It appears you are doing everything you can to undermine the Captain's wishes," T'Pol comments. Trip babbles about It learning to read in less than a day. T'Pol tells him he may have irrevocably damaged this particular First Contact. "Yer not listenin' to a wurd I'm sayin'," Trip says in her ear, and leaves. Dumb-ass, I think yer the wun not listenin'. I'm sure it's all T'Pol can do to keep herself from dancing around and sing-songing, "Oooh, you're gonna get it when Quantum gets hoooome!"

Engineering. Trip tends to his engine, and It walks in. Apparently, the Vissians don't want It to climb every mountain, and It is very upset about it. "Don' worry, they will. Give it time," Trip says. It says, "They're angry with you. They'll leave as soon as our captain returns. They won't help me but you can," It says tremulously, and asks to stay on Enterprise.

Stratopod. T'Pol suggests Quantum get his ass back, but fast.

Quantum's Ready Room. Quantum starts to yell at Trip in front of T'Pol, but when Trip tries to explain his motives by saying, "I did exactly what you'd do, Cap'n. It's not like I had much choice, I wunnit jest gonna --" Quantum, not taking his eyes off Trip, cuts him off and says, "Will you excuse us, Subcommander?" Day-um, he is so majorly busted! Quantum rips Trip a new one and says he can't believe Trip thinks he did exactly as Quantum would have done. "If that's true," Quantum continues, "then I've done a pretty lousy job setting an example around here." Well, that's pretty accurate, buttmunch. I mean, you've bungled a helluva lot of First and Second Contacts, and though some may argue that you've now learned from your mistakes and are doing better, we never really saw you openly address those mistakes, admit them to the rest of the crew -- or, at the very least, the senior officers -- and explain why you think what you did was wrong. So wipe that damned Holier-Than-Thou Furrow off your face, because you've done some asinine things in the last two years, and while I think Trip's a total ass at times -- and especially now -- you're not exactly eating fish every day, either. Trip says he didn't think it would hurt to teach It to read. "Then you didn't think hard enough -- we're out here to meet new species, not tell them what to do!" Quantum hypocrites in a loud bellow. Trip, micro-brain that he is, doesn't see the difference between teaching It to read and Quantum's giving them books. Quantum yells the difference -- the Vissians asking for the books is not the same thing as Trip telling It to defy It's culture. "And sneaking into her quarters, bringing her on Enterprise, lying about where you were going -- why?" Quantum demands. Trip looks down, because he doesn't have an answer to that. Quantum orders Trip to come with him.

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