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A Slave's Narrative

Trip's Quarters. Quantum talks to It. It insists that It can't go back, and that Trip told It that It has the same rights as they do. Quantum tells It that Trip doesn't know what he's talking about. It asks if Quantum is going to force It to leave. Quantum doesn't answer.

Mess Hall as makeshift mediation room. Quantum paces around the table in front of Capt. Vissian, and Massa and Mrs. Massa. Capt. Vissian says, "Some men can work together for years without creating the friendship and bond that we did in only two days." What exactly went on in that stratopod? On the strength of that, Capt. Vissian is certain that they will resolve this little problem. Quantum fears it's not all that easy, and explains the whole requesting asylum thing that takes place on his world. "We're not on your world, and I doubt this person truly understood what your engineer was suggesting," Capt. Vissian points out. Quantum says that he is given to believe that "this person" is as capable of understanding as any of them. Massa gets impatient that they are even bothering to debate any of it, and says that the cogenitor belongs on their ship: "Or are you suggesting that my wife and I abandon our plans to have a child?" Massa and Mrs. Massa clasp hands emotionally. Quantum repeats what we all know -- he has been asked to protect someone who thinks It has been treated unfairly, and he can't ignore that fact. "We're the one who've been treated unfairly!" Mrs. Massa shudders. "Do you know how long we've waited to be given a cogenitor?" "'Given'?" Quantum questions. "You sound like you're talking about some inanimate object." Massa jumps up and tells Quantum that he has no right to judge them. Capt. Vissian tries to calm his Chief Engineer down, but he won't be calmed. "What if one of your stewards -- the men who are forced to serve you food -- what if they should ask us for asylum?" Massa demands. Quantum says they aren't forced to do anything. "I apologize, but it's easy to misunderstand someone when you know nothing about their culture," Massa says, and sits down. Oh, he's a sly one -- did you see what he did there? He set that whole thing up to make A Point. Quantum tells Capt. Vissian for the FIVE HUNDREDTH TIME in this scene that he can't ignore a request for protection. "We're in no rush to leave," Capt. Vissian smiles. "Take your time. Consider what we've said." Quantum considers.

Walking through the corridors, T'Pol tells Quantum that he shouldn't have misgivings about his decision. In Trip's quarters, Trip watches It enjoy some chamber music. Now THAT'S a facet of Trip I like to see -- chamber music instead of harmonica twangs. Plus, did you notice the books on his shelves? C.K. Tucker-Haven, you have unsuspected depths! Quantum enters with a grave look to his furrow that's so expressive in its furrowness that words just don't seem necessary.

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