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A Slave's Narrative

Outer Space. The ships unhitch from one another.

Bridge. Quantum and Capt. Vissian bid each other a fond farewell. Quantum stiffly advises his buddy, "I'm afraid Shakespeare only wrote thirty-six plays so it might be best if you took your time memorizing them." I really think he should have Phlox look into surgically removing that pole up his patoot. Capt. Vissian smiles and agrees, adding that he hopes The Unfortunate Incident won't hinder further good relations between their peoples. "You sure you don't have an extra stratopod you could spare?" Quantum suggests, not really answering Capt. Vissian's question. Capt. Vissian thinks Quantum's race will develop one soon enough. I think he's overestimating the human intellect -- I mean, they haven't developed one by Picard's time, have they? They say TTFN and hang up. Quantum says it's time to say goodbye to the hypergiant, and tells May-I'm-Afraid-Your-Time-Is-Up to get them underway. Quantum sits in his chair as though he ran out of Preparation-H last night.

Quantum's Quarters. Porthos! Aw, the puppy's on the bed while Quantum…hugs a water polo ball to himself and reads? Okay, let me make this perfectly clear: the adorable, fuzzy, alive dog is on the bed, and the ball is on Quantum's lap. You freak. Hoshi tells Quantum he has a call coming in from the Vissian ship, and that Cpt Vissian sounds upset. Quantum tells her to put him through.

Weight Of The World Window. I think this is the first justified use of it. Trip walks in, and Quantum tells him what I predicted in the first fifteen minutes of this episode -- It is dead. It committed suicide. "That can't be...why..." Trip stumbles, "It's my fault. I'm responsible." "You're damn right you are," Quantum gnashes at him. Trip is taken aback by his captain's tone. Buddy, it's just the beginning. Quantum tells Trip that it's not just It's life; because of Trip's interference, a baby won't be conceived for a good long while yet. Quantum paces, looking down, and says that Trip needs to learn the lesson that his all-too-frequently impulsive actions have their consequences. "I unnerstand," Trip says in a daze. "Do you?" Quantum bites out. "I'm not so sure you do. You knew you had no business interfering with those people but you just couldn't let it alone. You thought you were doing the right thing. I might agree if this was Florida or Singapore but it's not -- is it?" Trip continues to look stunned. "We're in deep space and a person is dead, a person who'd still be alive if we hadn't made First Contact. I guess I haven't been that successful in getting through to you. If I had, you'd have fought a lot harder before doing what you did," Quantum continues. "You're not responsible," Trip says slowly. "Dismissed," Quantum whispers, and turns his back on Trip. Trip looks all lip-trembly and inquires, "Cap'n?" But Quantum won't turn around to look at him. Trip looks down and slowly leaves. That's some tough love, people. Great scene.

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