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A Slave's Narrative

Stratopod Of Messy Male Stuff. The turbulence gets a bit rougher -- just the way Quantum likes it, I'm sure -- and they seem to be in trouble. Quantum can't manage to get them over the top of the huge phallic phlare, and is very anxious about it. He gives up on mounting the phlare and decides on another course of action. Capt. Vissian wonders what he's doing. "If you can't get over a wave, you gotta dive through it!" Quantum announces. So, what -- he surfs now? I guess he does all the water sports. ["Ew." -- Sars, age 5] Quantum's gamble works, and Capt. Vissian is impressed. He asks where Quantum learned that little move. "North shore of Oahu. Body surfing," Quantum smugs. If he likes to play in the water so much, why doesn't he go soak his head? Having proven himself, Quantum hands the controls back over to Capt. Vissian.

Enterprise. Trip sneaks It on board. It asks if Trip will be punished for his actions. "Punished? No, but they might get a little angry," Trip brags. It says It will be punished, so Trip suggests taking It back. It says It wants to see the ship, so Trip says they have to be careful and not get spotted. As Trip takes It to the transporter pad, you can see officers walking by at the other end of the corridor. Way to keep an eye out, Capt. Obvious. He explains the uses of the transporter, and It really wants to give it a whirl, but Trip discourages It. It wants to see where Trip works, so they head off to Engineering.

They come through a small door -- much like the one that gave Reed the vantage point view of Velo's bum -- and enter Engineering. Where, of course, NO ONE is working. He points out the engine and talks about how sophisticated the one on the Vissian ship is. It now wants to see Trip's quarters, so Trip offers to show It a movie.

Trip's Quarters. Trip scrolls through some movies before finally selecting The Day the Earth Stood Still for It's viewing pleasure. "Nuthin' like a little science fiction to break ya in," Trip says. Or to confuse It royally while scaring the hell out of It.

Next in Trip & It's Day Of Fun, they play Go and discuss the movie It just saw. Trip explains how humans reacted when they first saw Vulcans and how that relates to the movie. Interesting parallel here. Trip pick up on the obviouser than obvious reflection of the true human attitude toward aliens in The Day the Earth Stood Still, but the subtler nuances of Frankenstein totally escape him. Just more proof that Trip's an intellectual fruit fly. I think the Go pieces look like Mentos, and I really want to chew on one. I used chew on game board pieces a lot as a kid. It discovers that It has beaten Trip at his own game. Trip marvels at this, and he claims that no one aboard the ship has beaten him in the last two years. Yeah. Okay, buddy -- what color is the sky on your planet again? It really wants to watch a Western movie next, but Trip thinks it's getting late and It should get back home before anyone realizes that It is AWOL.

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