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Flight of the Khannabees

Quantum explains that, after the wars, it was too controversial to destroy the embryos, so they were put into deep freeze. "I just got off with Admiral Forrest -- we've been authorized to use whatever force necessary to stop Dain'ta," Quantum says. Yeah, evil force.

Denobulan ship. A Denobulan female is tricked into getting tractor-beamed by the Khannabees. There's this one awesome shot where the Bird of Prey rears up from under the Denobulan ship and hovers like a giant King Cobra poised to strike. It was really cool.

Sickbay. Quantum warns Phlox that his friend Dr. Lucas is currently serving as senior medical officer on Cold Station 12. He thought Phlox would want to know. Phlox looks scared and, on the strength of his previous service on the medical facility, requests to be a member of the boarding party. Quantum agrees. Quantum invites Khannabee Student to dine at his table. "Do I have a choice?" Khannabee Student asks. "No," Quantum smiles, and leaves. Have you noticed how Quantum always has to order people to eat with him? Remember that whole thing with Reed? Kinda makes you wonder. "Be my friend -- that's an order!" Hee.

On the Denobulan ship, Dawsonella clears them through security to approach Cold Station 12. A circular aperture opens in the asteroid, and the Denobulan ship lowers itself in. That's so Star Wars. Dawsonella beats up four or five security personnel before Dain'ta and the rest of the Khannabees join her. Dain'ta punches some stuff on a security screen. Dawsonella hands over an oxygen mask to Dain'ta and reports, "We don't have enough masks." "You don't need masks," Dain'ta informs her. If the Khannabees are so smart, don't you think they'd know they don't need masks? I think these Khannabees are nothing more than just ugly faces.

In some room on Cold Station, a doctor talks to another doctor about the security protocols coming on. Gas starts to pour through the vents, and everyone coughs and falls down. Before collapsing to the ground, the doctor who looks like a walrus drags his hand across a console and initiates a "Code Black" alert.

Captain's Special Table of Enforced Socializing. Quantum and Khannabee Student eat steak and baked potatoes. Quantum commends Khannabee Student for surviving so long on his own, and tells him he should think about going to school when they get back to Earth. Maybe Quantum can write him a rec for Stanford. And then he can join the water polo team. And join Starfleet. And get an advanced degree in Furrowing. His forehead is just an empty slate on which anything can happen! I think it's time to put the beer away. Khannabee Student realizes that Quantum doesn't intend to put him in jail as Dain'ta brainwashed him to believe. Pulling an e-pad out of his ass, Quantum presents Khannabee Student with pictures of his biological parents. Oh wow, the picture Quantum shows Khannabee Student of his father is so, SO bad! I think they took a picture of this actor, tied an ascot (AN ASCOT!) around his neck, and scribbled a Van Dyke beard and black hair on it. In crayon. Quantum goes back to his food -- there are my salt and pepper shakers! -- and tells Khannabee Student that he's welcome to check out all the historic data they pulled on his parents. Khannabee Student snatches up the e-pad. That was a smart move on Quantum's part to get Khannabee deprogrammed. Ah, did you see that? It's a tiny snowflake in hell!

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