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Flight of the Khannabees

Mullet forces Sanjay Gupta into the plastic tube while Dain'ta tells Dr. Lucas that they are going to submit the doctor to "Symbalene blood burn," which will boil away Dr. Gupta's vascular lining. After which he will strut around in a codpiece and banish his daughter for wanting to marry her stepbrother. "You sunuvabitch!" Dr. Lucas bleeds. "Actually, Mother was a chemist," Dain'ta corrects him in a line that fails to crack me up since they played it over and over and OVER all. Week. Long. Dain'ta expresses his discontent with the current situation and reminds Dr. Lucas that he could stop all this. Dr. Lucas locks his lips and throws away the key on the code. Dain'ta announces, "This is on your conscience then, not mine!" Dawsonella looks slightly disgusted as Mullet pants to release the pathogen. Dr. Gupta starts to cough.

Phlox fiddles with stuff to cut off oxygen in the control room. "We're not talking about normal human beings here," Reed reminds us. "Even a Khannabee needs oxygen," Phlox says.

Everyone watches Dr. Gupta die by inches. He's got lacerations opening all over his body. Dr. Lucas looks down, but Mullet forces his head up again. He doesn't do anything to force his eyes open, though, so I'm not sure what's achieved there. Dain'ta reassures Dr. Lucas that he'll release the anti-pathogen if he'll only give up the code. Khannabenigma tells Mullet about a life support fluctuation. Mullet sends Dawsonella off to investigate. Dr. Gupta pleads to be allowed out. Dain'ta gets very agitated and screams at Dr. Lucas for the code. No dice. "I can't," Dr. Lucas sobs, "I have orders." Riiiight, just follow orders and no one will die, get beaten, or be in any way tortured. Dain'ta finally gives up and orders Mullet to release the anti-pathogen. Mullet stares at him a moment before answering, "No." Khannabenigma watches them with interest. God, is he ugly too! Dain'ta shoves Mullet aside and does it himself. It's too late; Dr. Gupta dies and slides down in the plastic tube. Much like Spock did. The Khannabees look on with complete detachment. We get a view of the control room through the tube and can see all the bloody smears. That was quite effectively graphic. Or would that be "graphically effective"? I guess it would depend on what I'm trying to say, which is really that I want another Buffalo Bill's Pumpkin Ale. That's right, I've switched allegiances now that I live in Pacific Time. If Post Road wants me to continuing pimping their product as I have done lo, these many years, they better find a way to ship the stuff to me. ["I wrote them a very polite email on your behalf, nicely asking them to consider shipping to Cali, but never heard back. Jerks." -- Sars]

Phlox fiddles with more stuff as the Away Team stand guard. Khannabee Student wanders away and looks down the corridors. He tells Quantum that he does have one enhanced ability: he has superior hearing. "They're coming," he says. Dawsonella fires from a corridor and says, "He's wrong, Captain, we're already here." Some enhancement. The Away Team is surrounded.

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