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T'Pol visits Trip in Engineering. She tells him she's going through something that's "very complicated" and is learning for the first time "what it truly means to be Vulcan." Trip's happy to be forewarned so as to avoid being forecondomed. T'Pol explains, "I don't think there will be time for..." Trip is understanding and accepting. Well, that's something. T'Pol boggles around a bit before leaving. "At least my warp engines still need me," Trip says. Now, it would've been an "aww" moment if he hadn't specifically gauged that his comment reach T'Pol's ears. If he just could have said it to himself, in an undertone, it would have been less studied to shunt a little guilt T'Pol's way. Trip grins and gets back to work.

Quantum etcetera say goodbye to the Family O'Murderers. Emery dispenses some engineering advice to Trip, and Quantum and Dani exchange niceties. They beam out. Whatever.

Next week: Reed raises my hopes by saying he saw the whole crew die, but then I realized that this is Enterprise and chances like that are never taken. I have this sinking feeling that Daniels might be back.

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